The GeeksverseHasbro Marvel Universe Q and A – The Answers

Hasbro Marvel Universe Q and A – The Answers
Published on Monday, September 27, 2010 by

1) We’ve seen alot of teaser images prior to SDCC. Will all of those eventually make it into the line at some point in 2011 or are some of them truly teasers and never to see the light of day?

Most of the images we show (with a few rare exceptions) make it to retail, although the timing can vary. Much of what we show leading up to SDCC is for the upcoming Fall season, but we give a lot of sneak peeks into next year’s product as well. Most everything you’ve seen should make it out in 2011 – anything specific you’re wondering about?

2) There are a great deal of customizers out there that have created many of our favorite characters using parts from tools and molds Hasbro has already given us. Does the R & D team ever utilize the modern world of the internet to look at these custom recipies that the fans have made in order to bring us new figures?

The inter-what? There are tons of pretty amazing fan customs on the web and as toy enthusiasts, we enjoy looking at online galleries as much as everybody else! We don’t look for recipes to implement but there have been instances where a custom has served as an inspiration for something else.

3) The Target Exclusive Spider-man from the 2 pack has a redesigned headsculpt. I’m a fan. Will you continue to update frequently rereleased characters with different artist-inspired sculpts down the line?

Maybe not frequently, but this won’t be the only one of it’s kind. The Target exclusive Punisher would be another example of this.

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