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Ask Mattel for October 1st 2010
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Check out the responses from Mattel for this round of their Q and A!

It has been stated that MOTU has been planned through 2016 and beyond. How far in advance is the Ghostbusters 6″ line planned for? Also, does your licensing allow for future Ghostbusters properties like the rumored Ghostbusters 3, or would that require a whole new contract?

We have the GB line planned out for a few years, but because this line is not our IP it needs to be more flexible. At the same time with the very limited character selection we need to be conscious of keeping enough fresh characters for each year.

There has been a long delay for DCUC waves 14/15. Was this because of the HUGE push for Green Lantern? Can we expect this sort of push with future DC Movie releases like a new Superman, Nolan’s Batman 3, Justice League, and potentially Wonder Woman? And will these and potential future movie lines run concurrently with subsequent standard DCUC waves?

The delay in Wave 14 and 15 had nothing to do with Green Lantern product. There were logistical issues beyond our control that delayed this product and we are working hard to get these waves to stores as soon as possible.

In the last set of questions on various sites, there were quite a few answers which contained the phrase “if MOTUC ever goes to retail”. Is that becoming more of a realistic possibility, just complete honesty, a hint, or a little of each?

Right now, there are no plans to bring this line to retail, but a live action film might change that.

On He-Man’s bio it states that Adam used the Electronic Sword and Techno Vest before he united the two halves of the Power Sword. How did this work? Adam ran around with the He-Man Vest on but didn’t have the full power? Can you explain this a little further?

Adam used the techno vest and electronic Power Sword on his quest to unite both halves. Once he had both halves, he no longer needed the electronic version of the sword. But he kept the vest as it augmented his already high level of strength.

Not to tip your hand or make any commitments, but fans are wondering what would qualify as an environmental dio? Would this me more like Randor’s or Skeletor’s Throne or possibly even a smaller “playset” like the Slime Pit?

It would be something like a throne or weapon rack. The Slime Pit is more of a playset.

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