The GeeksverseReview of Transformers Powercore Combiner Skyburst with the Aerialbots

Review of Transformers Powercore Combiner Skyburst with the Aerialbots
Published on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 by

Hasbro’s new subline of Transformers, The Powercore Combiners are on store shelfs now. Are they worth your Money? Read on to find out

By Joe Milone

Today I’m going to take a look at another set of Transformers that Hasbro was kind enough to send over to the Pryde, The Powercore Combiner Aerialbots with their Commander Skyblast.

Skyburst is a neat little robot. He has ball joints on his arms and shoulders and ball jointed hips. He also is able to swivel at the thighs. However the kibble of his jet mode interferes with his range of articulation and also causes him to

Skyburst transforms into a stealth bomber. He is pretty simple to transform and has fold out landing gear.

Skyburst includes the Aerialbots. They are non transforming drones who become the limbs for Skybursts Power-Up Mode. They are Recon Plane Drone, The Chopper Drone, Fighter Jet Drone, and a Combat Helicopter Drone. They are nicely detailed little vehicles.

The Drones automatically transform into the limbs when they are connected to the plugs on the commander figure. What’s nice is that the limbs are compatible and interchangeable with all of the Powercore combiners, and I’ve included Smolder all Powered up

Combiners have always been a favorite of Transformers fans, however This version of the Aerialbots miss the mark. There is very limited articulation in the limbs and it’s very hard to get Skyburst to stand when in combined mode without carefully balancing him. And in this particular set the Fighter Jet Drone’s mechanism kept popping open, making him even Harder to stand up. And the Combat Drone Helecopter works very pooly as the right leg.

While the concept of the Powercore combiners is a great idea, at least this set fails in it’s overall excecution. Perhaps the other sets work better in their combined mode.

The Aerialbots get 2 out of 5 Energon Cubes.

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