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Trouble Point #1
Published on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 by

Troy found this book from a small publisher in the box of new comics and decided to give it a look. Read on to see his thoughts.

Published by: Broken Tree Comics

Written by: Julian Lawler
Penciled by: Eddy Barrows
Inked by: Nelson PM
Lettered by: Oliver Lee Arce
Editor: Laura Danley
Cover: Martin Montiel

This book is all over the map.

It opens with someone talking to a spirit of the dead and asking questions about the murders of 400 women. Then we see his sister, who is a vampire (?) and mad at him for leaving a sweaty towel behind. Then we see two men who got into the middle of a robbery, who are apparently investigating the murders and are part of a team with the brother and sister. The two men, one of whom is dressed like a super hero and is super strong, taking a bullet to the head, use the people in the store to stop the robbery. The other man is able to make the people stronger and faster apparently. Turns out that one of the people in the store, a blond woman, is an FBI agent and investigating the murders. She’s also sleeping with her partner. Their room is attacked by an unknown gunman, who shoots the male agent who travels to the realm of the dead. There’s also three men who visit a witch, the same witch the FBI agents are going to visit the next day, and apparently they are responsible for the murders. Then there’s the truck trying to cross the border with a mysterious cargo on it’s way to Denver.

None of it is fully explained. It’s all presented with no connections to eachother. It’s all over the map. There’s no real reason, beyond the mysterious murders, to connect all the pieces. And there are alot of pieces.

They don’t fit together without some kind of context, which isn’t given.

There was a zero issue published, I found out about on the publisher’s website, and maybe that sheds some light on the events of the book.. But as it is there is nothing to grasp in this issue as it’s all over the map. None of the characters are named. Names are given, but we’re not given a means to connect the names to the various characters.

The art doesn’t help any. This is the same Eddy Barrows that does Superman?

Most of the characters look the same. They have the same build, the same hair. It’s hard to tell who is who. At first I didn’t realize the agent was the same as the woman in the store, not until it was mentioned. The gunman at the female agents room looks the same as one of the three men that visited the witch, who looks like the vaguely seen narrator in the robbery seen.

Some of the panel layouts are odd. It makes it hard to follow and doesn’t flow very well.

This book suffers from too much. There’s too much going on and not enough explained. It’s like the writer took all their favorite parts and threw them together and tried to make something of it all.

Trouble Point #1 receives
2 out of 5

It’s a nice attempt and could work if some of the excess is trimmed.

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