The GeeksverseChaos War #1 – We Read It So You Don’t Have To

Chaos War #1 – We Read It So You Don’t Have To
Published on Thursday, October 7, 2010 by

The Pryde reads and provides a synopsis of Chaos War#1. We read it so you don’t have to.

Chaos War #1

Written by: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Penciled by: Khoi Pham
Inked by: Tom Palmer
Colored by: Sunny Gho
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Assistant Editor: Jordan D. White
Senior Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover: Ed McGuinness & Morry Hollowell

We open in the realm of Nightmare, who is informed via six dreaming precogs, that Hercules has returned to the realm of the living (as seen in the recent Prince of Power mini-series) but with much greater powers and abilities, a Supergod. Nightmare is excited at the idea of what damage Hercules with all that power can do.

Nightmare is interuppted by the Chaos King, who quickly kills Nightmare, stealing his abilities. Nightmare tries to bargain with the Chaos King, but there is no bargaining with pure chaos.

Nightmare, as the Chaos King informs him, still “needs creation to thrive”. The Chaos King looks to end it all.

Around the world, people associated with magic or telepathic, feel the death of Nightmare. Doctor Voodoo, Emma Frost and Marvel Man (Bob Grayson from Atlas) are shown experiencing headaches from the backlash of death of Nightmare.

Hercules appears in the middle of New York City, in the middle of a wind storm that scatters everything. He’s yelling about the threat of the Chaos King, his voice echoeing through the city. Windows break, super heroes are thrown around. New Yorkers in the park get upset with Hercules, who stamps on the ground in anger and causes a mini-earthquake.

The Avengers show up along with the Young Avengers and Fantastic Four. They’re not sure if it is Hercules. He’s more powerful then he’s ever been and thought to be dead. Herc is having a hard time holding all the power in.

Amadeus Cho shows up, with Delphyne Gorgon (his amazon medusa girlfriend) to explain what happened. He explains, that as Herc’s only real friend, he risked his soul to rescue Hercules from the “alternate bubble universe” that Hera had banished him to. Cho has collected a bunch of ancient artifacts to give him godlike powers, which he passed onto Herc so Herc could return to the land of the lving.

Hercules is now having a hard time controling his heightened powers. It’s driving him mad and he runs the risk of exploding.

Cho is able to talk Herc down, calming him so he isn’t causing anymore harm to his surroundings.

Herc, Cho and Delphyne disappear in a blinding flash, leaving a large crater and the heroes wondering what happened.

The trio were summoned by The Council of Godheads, the head gods of each of the many religions in the marvel Universe. They aren’t happy about what Amadeus Cho and Hercules have done. They order Herc to kneel.

Herc, now that he is confronted by the All-Fathers, knows he can let loose and attacks them. He’s upset that they only care about guarding their own privileges and not using their power against the coming threat of the Chaos King.

Delphyne explains to Cho that the power is overwhelming Hercules. That he has more power then his mind can bear. She tells Cho that if the threat is real, then they “may still have a reason to celebrate rathen than eviscerate you for the deed.”

Thor arrives, smacking Hercules with his hammer, calming Herc down. Hercules thinks Thor is there to side with the All-Fathers, but Thor sides with Hercules, telling him that he has to calm down and control himself.

Hercules flies into space, hovering over the planet, telling the heroes of earth to show him their true colors.

In Wakada, the Black Panther is calling the Avengers, saying that the entire kingdom has been seized by insanity. At Avengers Tower they are getting more reports of people across the globe falling into insanity when they fall asleep. Doctor Voodoo says that it reeks of Nightmare, but that the Eye of Agamotto does not sense Nightmare’s presence. They wonder if this is the threat Hercules was talking about earlier.

From Avengers Towers, to Utopia, Atlas Foundation and the Baxter Building we are shown what the heroes really thing of Hercules. They feel he’s not the smartest. Hawkeye puts it best when he sayd “We’re depending on Hercules to save our hides now? Doesn’t that mean we’re all screwed?” and Ben Grimm with “If you wanna know what beer just went on sale at Costco, Herc’s your guy, but End-Of-The-World-Follow-Me-Into-Battle-Stuff, not so much.”

Hercules, up in space, hears all this and it saddens him.

He claps his hands together and all the heroes are summoned to central park, where Hercules addresses them about the coming battle.

He explains that the Chaos King, named Amatsu-Mikaboshi by the Japanese” was the whole universe before the beginning of everything and that he wants to return to that condition. The Chaos King slew Zeus and then proceeded to wreck havoc across the universe. He killed the slave gods of the Skrulls, as well as others, adding pantheon after pantheon to his armies. He wants to destroy all of reality, until the Chaos King is all that remains.

Hercules admits that he’s been a fool. He says that even though he has become infinately strong, that he needs the heroes help to “stand together in the impossible fight and turn back apocalypse once and for all.”

He grants the heroes some of his power so they can fly off through a portal into Nightmare’s realm, where he can sense the Chaos King’s presence.

As the heroes go through the portal, the denizens of Nightmare’s realm are running to get out.

Thor and Hercules lead the charge, fighting their way through black tendrils to find the corpse of Nightmare. They turn around to find out why the Chaos King wanted the powers of Nightmare.

All of earth’s heroes, any mortal mind he touches, is now his to control. The heroes all float above earth, with black tendrils coming from their minds to Nightmare’s realm.

End Chaos War #1

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