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Pilot Season: Crosshair
Published on Thursday, October 7, 2010 by

This week brought another entry into this years Pilot Season by Top Cow. How does Crosshair rank?

Created by: Marc Silvestri
Written by: Jeff Katz
Penciled by: Allan Jefferson
Inked by: Jordi Terragona
Colored by: Michael Atiyeh
Lettered by: Troy Peteri
Cover by: Marc Silvestri & Sunny Gho of IFS

This is the story of Justin Weller, a former black ops agent who left that life and started a normal one in Suburbia. His former handler, called Mother, wants him back in the life and sends his former team to kill him, which activates a preprogrammed trigger that means Weller has 48 hours to kill the President of the United States.

The premise is sound and Katz does a remarkable job of showing a former agent in suburbia and how you many leave the life, but it never leaves you. Having lived there for almost ten years, Weller has spent some time at his neighbors places, making them ready in case he ever needed it. He’s stashed weapons and ammunition, rigged booby traps, all under the disguise of helping his neighbors.

It’s an interesting take on it. How someone can settle down, yet they never completely grow out of the life.

Katz script is pretty dense. It’s word heavy as Weller likes to take and is very descriptive. It’s not too heavy that it becomes cumbersome, but it is one of the wordlier books I’ve read recently. He’s got a decent take on Weller, who slips a little bit too easily into the old routines. There should be some rust, but there’s not. And after ten years, the drops and contacts should be harder to find, it’s almost too easy for Weller to find his contact and the drop.

Which makes sense considering the twist at the end. Yet it doesn’t make sense considering what Weller’s mission is.

The end alone makes me want to pick up a mini-series or ongoing of this Pilot Season book, just to see what is going on.

In that regards, it’s the best of the Pilot Season so far in making me want to know more. I don’t know if it could sustain itself beyond a mini-series though, where Asset has the makings of an ongoing. The way this one ends, on a cliffhanger with a twist, makes me want to see what happens next.

I think that alone could propel this into the winner’s circle as people want the rest of the story.

Jefferon’s art is decent. His figures are well proportioned. He doesn’t have a strong grasp on anatomy though as he puts the characters in some awkward poses here and there. He’s detailed and does a good job at drawing multiple faces and crowd scenes.

He does have a good grasp of basic storytelling as his pages are laid out nicely and flow smoothly. He’s got some nice panel layouts in some of the pages, breaking up into smaller panels to high light different actions.

His work on the city could use some work, as well as how he draws various things in the suburbia scenes. In one establishing shot he has a road running directly into a building and it shows the National Mall but with buildings that don’t exist alongside it. The scene with the vans approaching Weller’s home is awkward as well.

I can’t see a black ops team all arriving in two vans. Thats the only part that doesn’t work well, but the rest of the story makes up for it.

Pilot Season: Crosshair receives
4 out of 5

Really only for the cliffhanger ending and the suburbia scenes. Fairly middle of the road otherwise.

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