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Superior #1
Published on Friday, October 15, 2010 by

The latest from Mark Millar has hit the shelves. How was it?

Written by: Mark Millar
Penciled by: Leinil Yu
Inked by: Gerry Alanguilan
Colored by Dave McCaig
Lettered by: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Editor: John Barber

At first glance, this seems like a rip on Prime, from the short lived Ultraverse. Prime was an adult Superhero, with powers similar to Superman, but was really a teenager. And I suppose Prime came from Captain Marvel. Superior does seem to have alot in common with both of those.

It’s about a boy that becomes an adult superhero.

But there are some differences, and in those differences is where the strength of the book lays. Or will lay, to be more accurate, as this issue just sets it all up.

We’re introduced to Simon Pooni, a high schooler with MS. He’s confined to a wheelchair, a pretty high tech one at that. He has one friend, Chris, and it opens with them attending a movie, watching Superior 5 starring Tad Scott.

Superior, in the movie, is a Superman clone. He’s a boy scout who doesn’t kill and has Superman’s powers. Chris complains about him being outdated, well Simon finds those outdated aspects are what he enjoys the most.

We get a pretty good idea of what Simon’s life is like and a good description of what MS does. We’re not shown who the narrator is.

Simon goes to sleep is woken up by a talking monkey in a space suit that grants him an unspoken wish and he awakens as Superior. He’s told that all will be explained in one week and to show the talking monkey, Ormon, what he can do.

Thats where the differences between Superior and Prime/Captain Marvel come into it. Superior, at least from what the first issue makes it seem, is shaping up to be a “what makes someone a hero” kind of story. Will Simon, being confined to a wheelchair and having lost his athletic ability, be selfish and just enjoy what his new body gives him? Or will he truly become a hero?

The issue itself is very fast paced. It’s not Millar’s best work to date, but it is an enjoyable read. There’s enough here to make the reader interested in picking up the next issue. We don’t get much of Simon’s personality but we get enough to know why the unspoken wish would put him in the body of Superior.

Why would Simon be given the wish out of the 6 billion potential people on Earth? And how will the wish backfire, as we know it will?

Where this is not Millar’s best work, it’s also not Yus. The pages seem to lack his usual strength. It’s the same style as we’re used to seeing from him, but they just don’t jump out like his normal work. It could be the lack of action in this issue, there is none.

It’s good work, but it’s not as good as it could be.

Superior #1 receives 3.5 out of 5

Just enough to keep interest in the 2nd issue but overall an average comic.

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