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Ethan Van Sciver Panel @ Wizardworld Boston 2010
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Troy attended the small Wizardworld Boston convention on Saturday the 16th and there really was only one major panel of note (the majority of the convention was a Buffyfest), and that was Ethan Van Sciver the artist on Green Lantern: Sinestro Wars; Green Lantern Rebirth and Flash Rebirth.

The panel opened with Ethan talking about his upcoming creator owned work that was originally announced at SDCC 2010. It was originally going to be a sub-imprint of Wildstorm but with Wildstorm being dissolved as a publishing entity, his books will now be coming out under the DC banner, or possibly Vertigo, as the details are still being worked out. There are contracts so they will be out of DC somehow. The already announced Cyberfrog: Blood Money is his third priority at the moment. He said that he would start the books and possibly hand them off to other creative teams.

He mentioned that there’s a group of artists that are getting tired of being known as stable artists and want to spread out a bit more and take more control and start writing on their own. He said he still wants to work with good writers and that he and Gail Simone are going to be doing a big project for the DC Universe.

A fan asked which projects had he turned down that he had regretted. Ethan mentioned Blackest Night as one he had originally been slated to draw but he had to completely divorce himself from the project after doing most of the intial design work. He had been given the choice between Blackest Night and Flash: Rebirth and thought it would be cool to be the guy that brought both Hal Jordan and Barry Allen back as well as wanting to avoid being typecast as “the Green Lantern guy”.

The other project he was originally supposed to be the artist on was Amazon Attacks. Scheduling conflicts took him off the project which he is grateful for as the final project is not what was originally intended or presented to him by Dan DiDio. The original pitch made was of an image of Amazons on Pegasus attacking Air Force One and Artemis holding the President at sword point and making him surrender the United States.

When asked how much he was involved in the creation of the Colored Corps, his response was “100%”. He said that he was not a big Green Lantern fan growing up and hadn’t read the books in years and most of the ideas came from fans mentioning things to him. He didn’t know anything about the yellow rings until a fan had mentioned that Guy Gardner had had a yellow ring and that got Ethan wondering why there weren’t more of them out there. He said that there were already the violet lanterns with the already existing Star Sapphires so it made sense to him that there would be more colors out there to follow the ROYGBIV idea.

He approached Geoff Johns with the idea. Johns, who wanted to do zombie versions of the DC heroes, worked it all into the concept that started with Sinestro Wars and became Blackest Night.

Ethan was given a double page spread in GL #25 to design it all. He said he wanted to use anything that was already established and, even though he’s not a fan of it, used things like the Star Sapphire symbol even though it’s not very lantern-like.

He was asked why he made the Red Lanterns vomit their energies and he responded by saying he had been watching 28 Days Later and loved the grotesque imagery of the creatures vomiting. He thought that the Red Rings infect you with rage and hatred and all that just spills out and can’t be contained. He thought the metaphor of the energy spilling out really worked visually as vomiting.

He mentioned that he had only read 3 issues of Blackest Night. He was surprised to hear that the Atom had been made an Indigo Lantern and was disappointed in the way it had happened. In his mind becoming an Indigo Lantern meant giving up all worldly goods and devoting yourself totally to giving & healing.

He mentioned that he had heard rumblings of different colored corps getting their own books. He said that he had unofficially created earth’s Red and Yellow lanterns and that a Red Lantern book would have to be the most “heartless and evil comic ever.”

Ethan said that he is a huge Ghost Rider fan. Loves the character but hates the books. His idea would be to introduce the Spirts of Mercy which would be beautiful angels but with a harsh sense of mercy. They would destroy a town “out of mercy” that was exposed to radiation from nearby factories. The only way to combat these would be to become a Spirit of Vengeance and he would have various members of the MU becomes Spirits to stop the Spirits of Mercy.

He said he loves things like drawing Thor as a Spirt of Vengeance or the recent Marvel “Hulked Out Heroes” and says it’s things like that that are key to getting people back into comics. He said that fan fiction and other such interactivity are the keys.

When asked how involved with the movie he was he responded that he wasn’t. He said he’s not a fan of the hollywood process and that all the Green Lantern ideas and designs are there already, so why would he redesign the costume again? He did say he wants to be on the DVD.

He said that he had spent the last couple of years looking away from the work of others. He was tired of seeing chamleon artists. He said that you could tell who another artist had been reading by the way it affected the artist own work and he didn’t want that to happen to him. He said he did worry about stagnating as an artist and said that Geoff Johns had made a comment about how working alongside eachother made Ivan Reis and himself better as a form of competition. He says that he now reads comics to enjoy them, and pay attention to whats going on, but tries not to appreciate the art.

That was all for the panel.

by Troy Osgood

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