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Pilot Season: Forever #1
Published on Sunday, October 17, 2010 by

Another entry into the latest season of Pilot Season. How does it rank compared to the others?

Created by: Matt Hawkins
Written by: Brad Inglesby
Art by: Thomas Nachlik
Colored by: Nathan Fairbairn
Lettered by: Troy Peteri
Editor: Filip Sablik & Phil Smith
Cover: Bagus Hutomo of IFS

I like the premise of this entry into this year’s Pilot Season. Stealing life from others to give it to those that pay. It’s a good concept. I just don’t think this issue executes very well.

It suffers from the overall problem with Pilot Season, trying to squeeze an entire concept into a single issue and hoping to do so in a way to catch enough attention to hopefully get a full series. In some of the other concepts, it works better. In this one? It causes the issue to skip alot of necessary development.

We’re introduced to Ryan Chambers. He’s got a good life. He’s got a girlfriend, good friends, good job. He’s a research assistant at Longevity, the company that grants longer life. He’s an oprhan, and apparently lives with other orphans from the orphanage.

Life is good. And then, for no apparent reason, it changes.

The end of the issue has Ryan saying that he’s tired of living with the questions. What questions? He doesn’t ask a single question about Longevity or whats going on. The only questions he asks concern the deaths of 5 of the other people they were in the orphanage with. One of them Ryan says he saw a week before his death and describes him as looking old.

Is that flimsy connection what is considering Ryan questioning his life?

It doesn’t make sense why Ryan goes along with Kane and the other Anti-Longevity people.

What also doesn’t make sense is the body he finds, with a weird mark on the neck. The body looks old and has an ID that says the man should only be 21. Yet Ryan does nothing when he sees the body. He’s calm as can be. He doesn’t immediately call the cops or do anything a normal person would do. Instead he examines the body. Yeah, thats real smart. He meets a strange man that asks Ryan if he wants to learn the truth and Ryan doesn’t go running in the opposite direction thinking the strange man is the killer?

The issue suffers from having to many necessary plot developments lost due to being the single issue showcase.

This really needs to be a mini-series to show off the concept. It really needs an entire issue to give Ryan time to start his questioning. It works, to an extent, up to the point Ryan finds the body. What should have happened is Ryan is given reasons throughout the issue to question Longevity and then near the end is given proof that something is wrong and thats when he meets Kane.

But because this is a Pilot Season issue, it gets compressed and it doesn’t work.

The script is fine, the character development is decent except for the compression. I also don’t understand why Matt Hawkins didn’t write it himself, he’s done a decent job on various books in the past including his own Lady Pendragon. I’m not a big fan of someone creating something and not being directly involved in the actual work itself.

Nachlik’s art is good. I like the style. It’s loose but clean. It reminds me of someone else, but I just can’t place the name. Decent layouts and storytelling. It flows nicely with only a couple instances of odd layouts and angles chosen. But the work is solid overall and a fairly unique style.

Pilot Season: Forever receives
2.5 out of 5

Too much compression forces out necessary development.

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