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Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon
Published on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 by

Bruce Wayne’s return home continues. How is the spotlight on Commissioner Gordon?

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Adam Beechen
Art by: Szymon Kudranski
Colored by: John Kalisz
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe
Assistant Editor: Janelle Siegel
Editor: Mike Marts
Cover: Shane Davis

This one-shot focuses on Commissioner Gordon trying to protect Vicki Vale from a super powered hit squad. Vicki Vale is the common element to the one-shots, as she tries to uncover the secret identities of the Bat-family as well as Bruce Wayne evaluating his extended family and how they managed with him away.

The action is told from the point of view of Vicki Vale and how she feels about Gordon being the man to keep her alive. She is unsure of his abilities, thinking he’s used Batman as a crutch for so many years. She sees Gordon as weaker then he is. And watching her opinion change throughout the issue is excellant.

The story is also told from Bruce Wayne’s, as the Insider, point of view as he talks about his relationship with Gordon.

It’s a good issue that tells us about Jim Gordon and how the top cop in Gotham operates. He doesn’t need Batman. Batman isn’t his crutch. But he understands what Batman is, what Batman does, what Batman brings and he knows how to use that to the advantage of the Police and the city itself.

Even though we don’t see his thoughts, we can get a good feel for Gordon through what he says and his actions. This is a man that is at peace with himself and his role in the world. Beechen has a good voice for Gordon.

Kudranski’s art is great for this story. It’s got a noirish feel and Kalisz’s colors really help add to the dark mood. His figures could be a little more polished. His Vicki Vale doesn’t resemble her the other times I’ve seen her. His Gordon alternates between normal and overweight from panel to panel. Kudranski’s does great work on the faces though. Each of them is unique and has distingushing characteristics. Patel’s large nose, for example.

He’s got a good grasp of storytelling, his layouts and panel flow are excellant. He does good with keeping the dark and noirish feel with the few super hero moments. One of the villians has electric powers, and Kudranski’s work really helps that flashy power fit in with the noirish tone and feel of the story.

Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon receives
4 out of 5

Really good and insightful look at Jim Gordon.

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