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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #159
Published on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 by

Larry Hama’s return to the title that he made famous, or it made him famous, has been hit or miss so far. How does the latest issue stack up?

Published by IDW Publishing
Written by: Larry Hama
Art by: Agustin Padilla
Colored by: J. Brown
Lettered by: Chris Mowry
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Consulting Editor: Andy Schmidt
Covers: A- Agustin Padilla; B- Rod Whigham; RI – Larry Hama

This issue isn’t as bad as #158. Last issue was a major jump in the story. This issue isn’t as bad but it does make some skips in plot as it goes along.

Nothing about this book reminds me of the Joe of old. It’s closer to the last 1/4 of the Marvel run, but it doesn’t have that sense of fun that the Marvel run had. The script is lackluster and parts of it are somewhat hard to read. Bupkis? Really?

The story is fast paced. It moves quickly and does make sense as it goes along. There’s just a couple of jumps in the plot that don’t make much sense and seem to come out of nowhere. Hawk is left hanging with Cobra closing in, and then it ends with him in control again, but with the Captains last comment not making sense in context. Storm Shadow on the side of the Joes comes out of nowhere.

This is nowhere near the level of work I normally expect from Larry Hama.

And Padilla’s work doesn’t help the story at all.

The first couple issues by Padilla were good, as well as his previous work, but each issue of ARAH has been going down hill.

The layouts are fine, but the actual linework feels rushed. The characters have a weird stretching look to them and are awkwardly posed. The lines are loose and the flow of the action is rough. The angles chosen are awkward.

This title needs a new artist, one that can devote more energy and effort to the work.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #159 receives
2 out of 5

I had high hopes for this title, but so far it’s not living up to even the worst of the original run.

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