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Soldier Zero #1
Published on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 by

The first book in the new universe created by Stan Lee and published by Boom Studios! How is Stans return to the world of comics?

Published by: Boom! Studios
Created by: Stan Lee, Character Design by: Dave Johnson
Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Javier Pina
Colored by: Alfred Rockefeller
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Bryce Carlson
Covers: A- Travor Hairsine w/ Alfred Rockefeller; B- Dave Johnson; C- Phil Noto; Retailer Incentive Variants: Trevor Hairsine, Dave Johnson & Phil Noto; Stan Lee Signature Variant – Kalman Andrasofszky; Hastings Exclusive – Trevor Hairsine; Midtown Comics Exclusive – Paul Rivoche

I’d be really interested in hearing how much of the concept is Stan Lees and how much was fleshed out and created by Cornell.

This is a good introductory issue. We get to see the Soldier Zero suit in action, against a pursuing space ship, and we learn alot about former Captain Stewart Trautmann. Trautmann is confined to a wheelchair and Cornell does an excellant job of describing the world of a newly paralyzed person. We see the awkwardness of how people treat him now, we see how he responds, we see how it can make dating more difficult. We also see the uglier side of people in a wheelchairs, with one of them taking advantage of a store owner and making a huge scene.

Cornell does an excellant job with that aspect of the series. He does good with the rest as well. Stewart’s text over the space scenes is a nice touch. It opens with the suit in space, with Stewart talking, and it seems as if the conversation is taking place in the same scene, instead of just words over it. This occurs multiple times throughout and is used to good effect.

The very brief time that Stewart has the suit, there’s already a control issue being established between him and the suit itself. We know nothing about the suit, but we do have an idea of what it can do. Is the suit good or bad? Is it really sentinent or just programmed?

All the beats for a first issue are hit and to good effect. The issue is at it’s best it’s Cornell writing about the wheelchair bound Stewart. I’m interested in seeing more of Stewart in the suit and learning about the mysteries.

Pina’s art is solid. He’s got a good grasp of storytelling, the layout flows smoothly and has a nice pace. His figures are well proportioned. A couple of the characters look too alike. Are Stewart and James supposed to be twins? They look too alike. So dose Lily’s oriental friend and the wheelchair bound oriental at the beginning.

The scenes with the suit are excellant. Pina gives it a human form but with just enough odd about it to register as alien.

Soldier Zero #1 receives 4 out of 5

Good first issue. Solid concept and good characterization.

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