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Green Lantern Corps #53
Published on Thursday, October 21, 2010 by

New penciler Tyler Kirkham joins the Corps to chronicle their adventures alongside Tony Bedard as they introduce a new menance, the Weaponer of Qward.

Written by: Tony Bedard
Penciled by: Tyler Kirkham
Inked by: Batt
Colored by: Nei Ruffino
Lettered by: Steve Wands
Editor: Adam Schlagman
Covers: A- Tylker Kirkham w/ Banning & Ruffino; B- Patrick Gleason w/ Christian Alamy & Randy Mayor

The Weaponer has been a background character, popping up here and there, since Bedard took over the GLC series. He now makes his first major appearance. He derails a train on Korugar, homeworld of the Sinestro Corps, in an effort to attract the attention of Soranik, the daughter of Sinestro and the girlfriend of Kyle Rayner. His attempt works and the issue ends with Kyle heading off to Earth to get Sinestro to help rescue his daughter.

The Weaponer had found a piece of white lantern creation, left behind by Deadman, and is using it to create weapons like Lanterns create constructs. The Weaponer is also the person that forged Sinestro’s first Yellow Ring. Now he wants revenge on Sinestro. The details are unknown at this point.

The Weaponer seems a worthy foe for the Lanterns. His weapon is more then a match for their rings and he wipes the floor quickly with Kyle Rayner and Sora.

The issue is extremely fast paced. Bedard’s script is fine, the story itself is fine. He’s had some time with the characters and has developed a good voice for Kyle. He doesn’t do as good with the Weaponer, who comes across as pretty one-dimensional in this story. But I think thats more of a product of the story’s pacing, which is extremly fast. The Weaponer comes, kick’s ass, takes Sora and leaves. I hope the next couple of issues really develop the Weaponer.

Bedard does a good job with the bit of retconning to introduce the Weaponer to the mythos. It’s not forced in and it doesn’t seem out of place.

Kirkham’s work is good, but I don’t see much of a chance from the previous artist. Kirkham’s style is different. His work is looser with the line work, not as clean as Syafs. It’s good work and has a nice style. He does good with the details, his constructs work very well. The large panel with Kyle and the stairs is well done, it has a good perspective with nothing out of proportion or oddly positioned.

He does good with the Sinestro Corps members, each being monstrous and unique. I’m not a fan of his Sinestro though, he draws him as too gaunt and thing, emacipated. His characters grimace alot and aren’t very expressive.

I think I prefered Syaf’s work on the book, but Kirkham’s isn’t a negative in any way.

Green Lantern Corps #53 receives
3.5 out of 5

Solid issue with a new villian that could be very interesting.

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