The GeeksverseLeaving Proof 3 | “Ultimate Comics: Wolverine vs. Hulk” TPB review

Leaving Proof 3 | “Ultimate Comics: Wolverine vs. Hulk” TPB review
Published on Thursday, October 21, 2010 by

[Author’s note: The text in this article originally appeared on on 01 July 2010 and may have had its content changed or edited since its initial online publication]

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk cover
  • (Marvel Comics; 144 pages, original mini-series published erratically between 2005 and 2009, TPB published 2010)
  • Writer: Damon Lindelof
  • Artist: Lienil Francis Yu
  • Colourist: Dave McCaig
  • Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Cover Price: $19.99 US

Ultimate Comics: Wolverine vs. Hulk, or as it was originally solicited five years ago, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, has a pretty interesting publication history. Originally intended to be a monthly six-issue mini-series, the delays associated with the comic book were unprecedented in recent Marvel publishing history. There was a three-year gap between the release of issue #2 (April 2006) and issue #3 (May 2009).

Ultimate Ling Ling

Ultimate Ling Ling

I can’t remember now what the delays were attributed to, I think it had something to do with Damon Lindelof’s scripting commitments with the Lost TV show taking precedence over his comic book work. But whatever the case, I’ve finally read the full story.

Was it worth the wait?

Well, it certainly doesn’t read like a story five years in the making. What it is, though, is a fun romp through Marvel’s Ultimate Universe setting, featuring two of their most popular characters. There isn’t much of a story here. What it has is basically a string of excuses to pit Wolverine against Hulk in a series of brutal battles. But I’m not complaining. Anybody buying this book looking for anything more than a competent plot to tie the fight scenes together must not know their superhero comics very well. The dialogue comes fast, furious, and funny. I’m unfamiliar with Lindelof’s television work (TV for me is for watching cartoons and sporting events) but if it’s anything like this comic book, I can understand why Lost seems to be so popular. He keeps the proceedings moving at a fast clip (somewhat ironic, when you think about all the publishing delays), but the story never feels rushed.

Ultimate Basketball

Ultimate Basketball

And while he resorts to some narrative gimmickry at certain points, it never gets distracting or confusing. The story is self-contained, although there are some nods and references to events that occurred in the Ultimates and Ultimates 2 mini-series, but nothing that should impact your overall enjoyment of the book.

Yu’s art is excellent, although I can imagine the slightly over-rendered sketchy quality of his figures not being to everyone’s liking. There are a few stiff and static panels here and there, but by and large, this is the Filipino artist working on material he is best suited to: big action featuring two brutes.

All in all, a fun superhero comic. Recommended.

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