The GeeksverseBlack Thunder #1 (1991)

Black Thunder #1 (1991)
Published on Friday, October 22, 2010 by

Writer/Creator Ernest Gibbs Jr.
Artwork Robert Delisi and Jon Enci

Copyright 1991 Ernest III Entertainment Group.

From inside the front cover:

Dear Reader,
A new era has dawned in comics. It is the beginning of a fanciful journey through my imagination that I hope will never end. My name is Ernest Gibbs Jr. and I am a lover of comics. For many years, since I was a child, I have yearned to see a super-hero that I could relate to, that I could identify with. But no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find any, not even one. Now that’s changed. Let me introduce you to Black Thunder. I created Black Thunder to fill that emptiness. I’m sure there are people out there who felt the same. Maybe Black Thunder can fill that void within them also. Black Thunder is not meant solely for African-American audience. He is meant to entertain everyone who enjoys a good story. So come along on this fanciful journey. I hope you enjoy the ride…
Feel The Power,
Ernest Gibbs Jr.

Published by Breeze Comics. 1783 H. Cedar Post Lane, Rock Hill SC 29730

The first issue is a proving ground for introducing the new hero. Black Thunder introduced by running fast and punching hard.

The interior is black and white.

The last page shows a super suited techno villain sitting in an office, “Those young punks were too easy of a test for my power. I need a more formidable adversar—eh–what’s this. Finally! An adversary worthy of my power!!! It’s time for this “Black Thunder” and the world to meet–the Animator!”

Apparently the villain on the cover of issue #2 (above post) is the Animator.

The inside back cover tells the reader “Prepare Yourself For TOTAL ANIMATION” Black Thunder looks scared but ready for action.

Outside of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area, you might not have had the opportunity to buy Black Thunder. I cannot tell how far spread the distribution covered. I’d be happy to hear from anyone that remembers this self-published book.

Congratulations Pryde, this is now officially the best coverage of Black Thunder on the internet. I’ll add more later.

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    • Hi im the son of the guy who did this comic yet i remember when i first read it(im 19) i am currently an aspring comic writer looking to make it big follow me at on twitter @ErnestGibbs09 Im starting up a comp. called HOUS-E- ENT(pronounced House Of E)

      • I remember Black Thunder from my youth. It has a spot in my heart even though I feel like I may be the only one that remembers it. I’d love to do an interview with your father about the project some time. I look forward to seeing what is upcoming from your own company with Green Dragon. Best of luck. Shoot me a PM on the Pryde. -BigIV

    • hey Kitty’s Pride Im the son of the man who wrote the first 2 issues of this comic and i still remember the first time i read it(im 19 now) although i feel he’s walked away from writing it(he still loves comics) Im taking the reigns and doing my own thing Ive started a company called HOUS-E- ENT (pronounced House Of E ) and i am looking for writers you can check out the updates on my twitter page we are releasing the first story of a 10 issue series titled: Green Dragon be on the look out the future is coming….

    • […] for remembering this independent comic from Breeze Comics. Jump to the Pryde Forum to read about issue 1, 1991 coverage of this series from the Washington Post, and to share your thoughts or memories of […]

    • I have The # 1 issue,But I could never find Any more.Wher Can I get Other.

    • The second issue is hard to find. My wife found a copy randomly off of e-bay. As far as I can tell there was not third issue.

    • I have both #1 (Signed by Ernest Gibbs Jr) and #2. I live in Rock Hill, SC and picked these up when they where first released from Daves Comics in Rock Hill. I sold off most of my comics 2 years ago. But kept these and my wolverine collection.


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