The GeeksverseHaunt #10

Haunt #10
Published on Friday, October 22, 2010 by

A year after the launch of the anticipated MacFarlane/Kirkman collaboration, and it is still going strong.  The characters are beginning to explore not only the limit of the abilities, but also dynamics of relationships.  Small details, like Viper’s relationship to the company, the agents relationship to HQ, and other details are starting to embed themselves in the series.  This issue introduces a new danger from an old foe which seems like it will be an ongoing villain in the series.

It is still a dark, moody read.  It’s still fun.

I am not a fan of the over sized Mr. Hurg which looks a bit like the super sized proportions of Marvel’s Kingpin. All the female characters look like fairly high end prostitutes. Otherwise I’m a fan of the art style of this book. It seems fitting. I like the variety and subtlety of the page layouts.

This may not be the best jumping on point for a new reader since it is dependent on the previous issue, however, I still recommend grabbing a trade to get caught up and jumping in. This has been a fun year of a new title.

Robert Kirkman Writer
Greg Capullo Pencils/Cover Artist
Jonathan Glapion Inks
Todd McFarlane Inks
FCO Plascencia Color
Comicraft Lettering

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