The GeeksverseChaos War #2 – We Read It So You Don’t Have To

Chaos War #2 – We Read It So You Don’t Have To
Published on Sunday, October 24, 2010 by

The second issue of the Marvel event has come out and Troy provides a synopsis because We Read It So You Don’t Have To.

Chaos War #2 – Synopsis

Written by: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Penciled by: Khoi Pham
Inked by: Tom Palmer
Colored by: Sunny Gho
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Asst. Editor: Jordan D. White
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover: Brandon Peterson

Issue #2 opens up with Hercules teleporting himself, Thor, Amadeus and unconscious mortals to the Olympus Group Building in New York City.

There his wife, Hebe, rushs to embrace him, she had thought him dead. But because Amadeus had to transform Hercules into a Skyfather to free him from Hera’s Bubble Universe, he has too much power and can’t hug her.

Thor explains that those without mortal minds are unaffected by the Chaos Kings “waking sleep” that he put the mortals, including the heroes into. Venus, from Atlas, is unaffected and tries to use her powers to awaken them. Amadeaus wants Hercules to use his new powers to waken them, but Herc is afraid to try for fear of harming them. He explains that if Hebe, with her potions, and Venus, with her siren’s song, can’t wake them, then nothing can.

The Chaos Kings’ power waking sleep spreads. Thor stops an airplance, with the pilot falling asleep, from crashing to the ground. BUt he can’t stop the other. Cars are crashing and doctors and patients across the world are falling asleep.

Amadeaus warns them that 32,451 people are about to die and Hercules uses his new powers to stop time itself. The entire world, except for the gods and mortals that are protected, like Amadeaus, are unaffected by the time stoppage.

Cut to Pluto’s realm of Hades. He’s upset that Hercules has denied him so many souls. Hela breaks through the wall, where Pluto is about to attack her, but she says she is bringing a warning. The Chaos King’s minions are attacking Pluto’s soldiers. Pluto tells the souls that he will set them free if they fight on his behalf.

A group of the dead assembled under Ares command. This includes Zeus, Swordsman, the female Yellowjacket, Banshee, Abomination and others.

They attack the Chaos King, who removes his Chinease God facade and reveals his true face. He slays Zeus again.

This causes Hercules to lose his concentration, and time starts up again.

But because all the underworld gods are either defeated or fighting, none of the people die. Amadeaus says that even the ones that are mangled, burned or in many pieces are still technically alive.

Hercules summons Eternity, the entity that represents the totality of all living things. Eternity says that he cannot help in the fight against the Chaos King because they are two sides of the same coin and it would be like fighting himself. Even though the Chaos King wants to destroy everything that exists, Eternity’s hands are tied.

Amadeaus asks if they will go for others like Infinity of the Living Tribunal.

Hercules has another idea and summons Sersi, to help form a new God Squad to battle the Chaos King.

He then summons Galactus and the Silver Surfer. The Surfer is upset that they summoned Galactus to Earth. He’s tried for so many years to stop Galactus from destroying Earth and he’s angered that they brought Galactus there. He won’t hear anything about the Chaos King and attacks the God Squad. Venus uses her powers to make Sersi look like the Surfer’s old love, Shalla Bal, and Hercules knocks the Surfer out.

Galactus isn’t assembling his machines, so the Squad assumes that Galactus is on their side and understands what is going on.

Daimon Hellstorm shows up, erupting from the ground, to warn them that the Chaos King has defeated all the underworld and that Death herself has fled.

The Squad thinks this works in their favor as none of the people died when they fell asleep.

But Hellstorm warns them that this also means that the Chaos King now has control of the generations and generations of souls that have been trapped in the underworld. And they are now in the thrall of the Chaos King.

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