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How To Determine What Properties to Make a Movie, Cartoon
Published on Monday, October 25, 2010 by

Or book, or tv show or play or video game or whatever.

This is just my take/thoughts/opinions/views/etc.. on how to determine which ones to do and why.

This thread got me thinking about what makes a good character/property to transfer from comics to another medium.

So got me thinking about the ones that have worked and the ones that haven’t.

I came to a simple conclusion, the ones that work the best are those that can be taken out of the overall shared universe (be it Marvel or DC or Image or whatever) and stand on their own and still be the same character.

Batman can be Batman in his own little universe and doesn’t need to rely on any other characters from DC. He can function just as well without his own Bat-Verse characters (Robin, etc..) but even with those they are in their own little bubble in the overall DCU and that bubble can be removed and exist on it’s own.

Look at the Avengers. It’s taking 3 or 4 movies just to create the backstories for the characters that will appear in Avengers. That’s a massive undertaking. There’s no way it could be done unless set up that way from the beginning, which Avengers was.

X-Men had to be basically rebooted in it’s movie form, with a whole new team and backstory, in order to function as a viable property because of all the history that exists in the comics. With X-Men Origins: Wolverine they inserted characters that were really ‘name’ only because there was no way to translate the actual character because of how solidly and intricately that character is linked with others in the comic universe (Gambit, Blob, Deadpool).

I think this is what makes the changes hard to accept for the long term fans. We already know the history and connections. We know that Character A can’t exist without Character B, so when A shows up and has his backstory changed so B wasn’t involved, we get upset because now it’s no longer Character A.

So why not just stick to the concepts/properties that don’t have huge backstories connected to alot of other elements? There’s alot of great concepts out there that would work.

Iron Fist and Black Panther are two that come to mind that could make really good movies. And could be very standalone with no connection to anything else with very minimal (if at all) changes. Iron Fist can exist exactly as he is without Luke Cage. Black Panther doesn’t need the FF or Avengers (or Storm) to function as the Black Panther.

It seems like they overlook the concepts that would work the best for those that are the most popular.

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