The GeeksverseHotwire: Deep Cuts #2 – Advanced Review

Hotwire: Deep Cuts #2 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, October 25, 2010 by

Published by: Radical Comics
Created by: Steve Pugh & Warren Ellis
Written and Illustrated by: Steve Pugh
Lettered by: Steve Pugh
Editor: Marie Javins
Cover: Steve Pugh

A quick recap of what Hotwire is all about: In the future no one dies. When you die, you become a “blue light” and your soul wanders the world attracted to the electromagnetic fields from cell phones, computer controled cars, etc.. Alice Hotwire is an exorcist for the Police and it’s her job to put the blue lights done. In the first Hotwire series, she saved the police from a resurrected cop-killer and has spent the last 6 months in recovery doing bad things with the ghost of a dead boyfriend. She’s called back into duty.

In the first issue, the para-military group that the city hired to take care of the “blue lights” well Alice was down, cause a big issue. They are pursuing a blue and cause a large traffic accident, which hasn’t happened in years.

This is a good little series and I highly recommend picking it up. I remember seeing the first series in Previews years ago and, being a big Warren Ellis, fan was tempted to pick it up. I never did.

Steve Pugh’s work is very interesting in this book. The world he writes and draws is very interesting and the “science” behind the blue lights could be interesting. Not much time is spent on the blue lights themselves, but enough is given to make them interesting. Alice Hotwire, herself, is a very interesting character. She’s got a child-like quality to it, along with her rough and tumble side. Conflicted and tortured is a good way to describe her. She goes from kicking a ghosts ass to sitting on a desk wearing a cops hat that is too big for her.

Alice alone doesn’t make the series. The background characters are pretty interesting. They aren’t straight two-dimensional backgrounds. The “villians”, who aren’t really villians, are very interesting. I wish I had read the first series so would have more of an appreciation for how different these two blues are from normal ones. But the story is definately interesting and I like how Pugh makes them more then just the villian, giving them a story and making them sympathetic.

You don’t know who to root for, except Alice makes you want to root for her. You know she wants the best solution for everyone, including the ghosts.

Pugh’s art is interesting and has a unique style. Even his lettering works with the style and tone. The lettering is a joy to see. There’s a couple of spots where he just goes “nuts” and does things I haven’t seen that really work very well.

The entire package works very well.

Hotwire: Deep Cuts #2 receives
4 out of 5

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