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Marvel Legends Deadpool Review
Published on Monday, October 25, 2010 by

Hasbro is bringing back Marvel Legends full-time for 2011, but for 2010, Toys R Us is handling the line as an exclusive. Marvel and Hasbro asked fans who they wanted to see, and to nobody’s surprise, one of the winners was Deadpool. People will forever compare Hasbro’s Marvel Legends to Toy Biz’s, but I’m not going to do that right here (but it likely will be in a future column).

This version of Deadpool comes with a bevy of weapons and is in his classic red and black outfit. He has two katanas, a handgun, and his rifle. My first thoughts of this figure in package was that it is visually impressive. Upon taking it out of the package, my hopes of a great figure were confirmed. The mask looks like a real mask instead of a painted bald head, with the bunched area visible in the back (you can see that below on the rear view picture). I was equally impressed that his right hand, pictured below, has the trigger finger in position, AND that it fits into both guns.

Upon playing with him a little, I found that his posability is also really impressive. He has ball joint hips and shoulders (which I will detail later), and an ab-crunch torso. The arms and wrists are jointed impressively, allowing him to hold his rifle accurately, while the knees are a separate piece, allowing equally awesome articulation (he can sit cross-legged). The head is not articulated as well. It can only nod and twist because the head isn’t on a ball tip. The ankles have the same articulation as the wrists, in that they twist and flex. I was hoping the foot would have a joint to allow for the foot to flex, especially since that feature is found on Warpath, who is packed with Deadpool. I was VERY disappointed that the swords don’t fit into the hands. Below, you’ll see a picture of what he looks like while weilding his swords. The ab-crunch makes a disconcerting click with every flex at the abs. I like the fact that it won’t start to tip, as the figures are top-heavy, but the clicking is a little annoying. There are peg holes in the foot, but there is no stand. Odd, if you ask me.

The shoulders on this figure are AMAZING! As you will find from my column and from past and future reviews, I love toys for the sake of them being toys. I don’t care as much about the history of the figure or line, but I love well-made, articulate, and detailed toys. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve only seen shoulders like this once before, and it was in the 6″ Wolverine Origins Cyclops from Walmart. The shoulder is a normal t-ball joint that you find in GI Joe, MOTUC, DCUC, and Marvel Universe, but it isn’t connected to a singular upper torso. The shoulder is connected to an outer pec/lat piece, which connects to the chest piece. So to review: there is a piece BETWEEN the shoulder joint and the upper torso/chest, which increases articulation, flexibility, and the ways with which you can pose this figure. This feature is not on any of the other figures in this wave, and I am in complete awe of this aspect of the figure and I hope to see more of that in the future.

I know people love Marvel Universe and want everything in the same scale, but this figures is exactly why the 6″ format works. It is super playable and so much more articulated and detailed than the Wolverine Origins 4″ figure. I have been collecting DC Universe Classics for their Collect and Connect figures, but this one figure has made me a fan of Marvel Legends and what is yet to come from this line. This figure shows the potential for any figure in any line and I hope that Hasbro and other toy manufacturers take note of what works for this figure to improve the industry across the board.

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