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Where is Echo?
Published on Monday, October 25, 2010 by

Don’t you just hate when a writer gets a story going, it’s churning along and it’s got your attention and then… BAM!!

For whatever reason the project is pulled, canceled or just changed (new writer) mid-storyline. It really is jarring and it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Claremont’s return to the X-Men comes to mind (now this could fall into the following example, the memory is kind of hazy on this one..). He came onto the book with Lenlil Yu as artist and introduced the Neo, a group of offshoot mutants that took over a church in the middle of New York. He also had Kitty Pryde (poor Kitty) shot out of a rocket heading for the Savage Land. The storyline was going towards revealing that Kitty was really part-Neo and not a true mutant. So it was going, going along okay, and then….. nothing. It never ended. Kitty was in the Savage Land, and then appeared well and fine in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, none the worse for wear and no explanation. And as for the Neo? Far as I know they’re still in the church in the middle of New York.

What’s even worse is when it’s the same writer and they just “forget” about that plot point or storyline.

Case in point, and the title of this particular column.

The “former” (I say that because, well, you’ll see..) New Avenger: Echo.

Brief history: Echo was created by Bendis and David Mack during Mack’s turn as artist on Daredevil (or was it just Mack himself? Help me out here..). Echo is basically a female Daredevil. Where DD is blind with heightened senses, Echo is deaf with photographic reflexs (similar to Taskmaster) as well as heightened senses (I believe, but her abilities are along those lines). She served as DD’s love interest for a bit. When Bendis created New Avengers, he had Daredevil in the opening arc, and DD is not a joiner. So came a time when Captain American needed to investigate some going-ons in Japan and needed someone with knowledge of the Hand. He went to DD, DD “loaned” him Echo. Echo took on the identity of Ronin. After that adventure she was hanging out with them and then Hawkeye, Clint Barton, returned. He took on the identity of Ronin and Echo remained with the team as Echo. He and Echo eventually hook up and start a relationship (this is a fairly important point in my mind).

History lesson over.

Now comes the Secret Invasion (yep, that far back, a whole Siege and Dark Reign ago). The New and Mighty (Bendis version, not Slott version) Avengers are in the Savage Land, some are Skrulls and some are not, and a big saucer full of Skrull prisoners, the ones they had replaced, is crashed right in front of our heroes (how convienant, the Skrulls just happen to take all the replaced heroes with them on the invasion and all on one ship, wow, great thinking there…). Among those heroes is Mockingbird, Clint’s ex wife and the love of his life (quick tangent: Hawkeye and Mockingbird belong together, end of story). Just prior to this, Echo had been fighting someone (this is when I really miss HTML comics, when just a few clicks of a button would have it open in front of me, now I’d have to dig out my comics, which means a visit to mom or dads house… yeah.. moving on..), and got tossed into the Savage Land jungle.

And that was the last we ever saw of Ms. Echo.

Far as I know, she’s still in the Savage Land.

Basically, she was (literally) tossed aside to allow Hawkeye/Ronin to get back with Mockingbird, and the books writer (then and now) was okay with it.


So maybe Echo wasn’t the greatest character (I liked her), but seriously, how is this not considered to be bad writing or bad editor-ship? What happened to the character?

I hate when things like this happen. Comics are sequential and as such plot points should have a beginning and an end. They should not be left hanging (Claremont was notorious for this during his Uncanny run, so it’s not anything new). It’s just bad writing as far as I’m concerned.

These are characters that people grow to know and love. They shouldn’t be left hanging. If there’s a significant plot point (Echo being an Avenger and hooking up with Hawkeye), it shouldn’t be just forgotten about.

Where is Echo? Someone finish this, and if no one else will, hire me to do it. I can make it work where I can finish off Echo and the Neo’s stories at the same time.

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