The GeeksverseWith Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – To Teach a Lesson?

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – To Teach a Lesson?
Published on Monday, October 25, 2010 by

So today I watched a friends kid for a couple hours. On the way back to her house, as we were driving by a convienance store (don’t ask me why she thought of this), she asks me “if you saw a robbery happening, what would you do?”

She’s 10. I have no clue where that came from.

So I thought about it for a bit and replied that I’d call the police on my phone and pull over and get as good a description of the robbers and their getaway vehicle as I could. Once they’d left, then I’d go inside and check on the store people. Not responsible or smart of me to get in the way of fleeing robbers.

So as we’re driving along, that question kept churning around in my brain and a similar situation came into my thoughts…

Spider-Man’s whole thing is “with great power comes great responsibility” and that lesson was driven home when after the wrestling match he let the robber go. That same robber ended up killing his Uncle Ben.

But here’s where it gets dicey…

Would it really have been the responsible thing to do in stopping the robber? It’s a comic book, so the obvious answer is yes. With powers comes the responsibility to stop and fight crime. It’s the super hero creed, code, motto, whatever. If you have power you either have to fight crime or commit crimes, there’s no middle ground.

But what kind of message does that send?

Hey kids, if you have the chance and the ability, you should get in front of a robber and take matters into your own hands.

Obviously anyone that can’t tell the difference between what is okay to do in a comic book/super hero world and what is okay to do in the real world should seek immediate help.

But I just thought it was funny. The responsible thing to do is let the proper authorites, people trained, handle it.

Looking back, Spider-Man didn’t know his abilities. He didn’t know what he was really capable of. He could have reacted to slow, done the wrong thing, and taken a shot to the head, chest, wherever. Spidey’s not bulletproof.

Getting powers doesn’t automatically make you a champion of right, or an remorseless super villian. Thats something that comes through time.

So was it really Peter Parker’s responsibility to stop that crook? Even with his great powers?

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