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Brimstone and the Borderhounds
Published on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 by

Published by: Hound Comics
Created by: Brimstone and M.H. Carnevali
Story by: M.H. Carnevali
Penciled by: Sajah Shah
Inked by: Alan “Vandal” Chickering
Colored and Lettered by: Thiago Castro

This is definately the most unique vision of Hell I have ever read.

The Hell of this story revolves around the Nexus, the place all souls show up, and the Wasteland, where the souls sometimes escape to. Souls are a precious commodity, and the various Afterlifes use the souls as slave labor. Whoever has the most and best, wins control of the real world. And the souls sometimes escape, or are set free by rebels, and it’s up to Hell’s version of bounty hunters to find the souls, the “weepers” (so called because of their annoying tendency to cry over their being dead)., who escape into the Wasteland.

The best of these “borderhounds” is Brimstone and his Xibalba Unit, Luscious and Dawg. Brimstone is the son of a Janitor Demon and a Saxon Warrioress. He’s married to Danielle, a human, and they have two children named Samantha and Doom Bringing Youngling Lamentor of All Netherworlds (Dylan).

There is a very strong humor element to Brimstone and the Borderhounds, but it’s understated. It’s the kind of humor I like in a comic book. It’s not in your face. It’s understated and just comes naturally. How can you not laugh at the “Charon” of this Hell being a rastafarian DJ named Chavez Raoul who spins tracks like Kenny Loggins “Into The Dangerzone”.

The story has it’s horror moments, from the opening sequance with the murdered Dursey family, to the creepiness of the serial killer apparently talking to himself and caressing his knife. It’s a good mix of the two, keeping it light hearted and fun but with some hard edges thrown in.

The story itself revolves around Jack Dursey and his murdered family. Jack is murdered and awakens in hell. The opening sequance explains why Jack is not a good man, and you find yourself kind of happy he’s found his way to hell. We’re introduced to Hell through Jack’s eyes, a newcomer just like us, and we meet the wasteland and Brimstone and his Unit through Jack.

This is a good way to introduce us to the world and what is going on. The star of the book, Brimstone, only gets about a half dozen lines so we don’t get a good handle on his character. This issue is more about setting up the world and the setting, and in that aspects it does a good job.

The drawback is that if the world wasn’t enough to catch your attention, then without much of an introduction to Brimstone, there wouldn’t be much reason to grab issue #2. The website expands on Brimstone’s character, rounding him out and making him more interesting but the comic itself doesn’t spend much time on him. He does get a pretty flashy introduction and Luscious and Dawg are interesting characters, so the hooks are there, but this issue is counting on this version of Hell being enough to get your attention.

It did mine. This is definately a unique version of hell and the setting itself would be enough to keep me coming back. But the rest of the book is interesting as well and I’m really enjoying the humor element.

There’s also the murder mystery in the real world, with the Police investigating the Dursey’s murder at the hands of a clone serial killer. It’ll be interesting to see how all this ties together.

Shah’s artwork is pretty good. He’s got a decent grasp of storytelling. There are no awkward angles or jumps in the action. It flows nicely from panel to panel. The layouts are interesting, with the panels laid over a colored background with large margins at the top and bottom. It gives the book a cropped look. It’s different and doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the art. It’s wasted space, somewhat, but it’s not harmful to the quality and does provide an interesting frame to the work.

Brimstone and the Borderhounds receives
4 out of 5

Their vision of Hell is worth the price.

For more information on Brimstone and the Borderhounds visit the website.

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