The GeeksverseG.I. Joe Cobra #9

G.I. Joe Cobra #9
Published on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Costa & Christos N. Gage
Art by: Sergio Carrera
Colored by: Peter Dawes
Lettered by: Chris Mowry
Assitant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: Andy Schmidt
Covers: A – Antonio Fuso; B- Ben Templesmith

The last part of Scoop’s tale and his infiltration of the Coil. Gage and Costa craft a great tale of manipulation and brainwashing. Convincing you that you want something even though you know it’s wrong. Showing what happens when someone takes everything away from you and leaves you no where to turn.

You feel sorry for Leonard Michaels; used by Hawk, abandoned by his friends, left with nothing and no one to believe his story. No one in their right mind would go back to the cause of it all, but the Coil wasn’t truly the cause, and it’s easy to see how Michaels arrives at the decision that it’s the only place he knows he’s accepted.

But is it more manipulation or was it his own free will? It can be viewed both ways. We can see how the Coil could manipulate events to lead Michaels back to them once he escaped. But we can also see how it’s just the end result of Michael’s life, where it was heading before his encounter with the Coil.

The appearance of Crystal Ball helps solidify the Coil’s connection with Cobra and at the same time adds to the mystery and mysticism. It’s scary the effect a man can have just by walking by you in a hallway.

I know some people didn’t like the storytelling methods employed in the previous couple of issues, but I did, and it all comes together as a nice package that shows master manipulators at work.

Carrera’s work isn’t as good as his first couple of issues. The features on the characters seem unfinished in a couple of spots. They maintain his style, but they just don’t seem complete. For most of the book his expressions seem out of place and lacking in some occasions. But he does a great job on the last page and the most important expression of the entire issue.

The shot of Leonard Michael’s absolute joy at what he is about to do is well done.

G.I. Joe Cobra #9 receives
4 out of 5

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