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Spider-Man Saga #1: One Shot
Published on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by

Marvel puts these out from time to time. They’re prosaic with spatterings of art throughout to recap years, even decades, of happenings in a line. I’m not sure if they’re jumping on points or recaps for long term fans. They probably work as either.

I snag them because they’re free. They’re not really stories, just recaps featuring recycled art.

A little free recap for those of us Spideyfans that have fallen by the wayside without chasing these characters through the titles.

I like the Vulture and Rhino redesigns. I’m not as excited about the presented JJ Jameson Sr.

Nov ’10 sees the release of Spider-Girl #1, Osborn #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #648 anticipated by this overview.

For more information check out the forum.

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