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Teen Titans #88
Published on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: J.T. Krul
Penciled by: Nicola Scott
Inked by: Doug Hazlewood
Lettered by: Sal Cipriano
Colored by: Jason Wright
Editor: Rachel Gluckstern
Covers: A- Nicola Scott w/ Hazlewood and Wright; B- Adam Hughes

The start of a new era for the Titans as a new creative team comes on board. I haven’t been keeping up with the title so I’m not sure how much of a change it is from issue #87 to issue #88 but just from reading this issue it comes across as more of a restart then just a new team taking over.

New creative teams normally do like to put their own stamp on books, changing the old status quo and establishing their own. In that, Krul is no exception, except it seems like he just drew a line in the sand and said “everything that came before stops here”. Characters have disappeared and new ones show up.

Where are the rest of the Titans?

He does make mention of some of the previous members in conversations between the characters, but it’s not enough to give an idea of how much time has passed between the issues.

It’s the first issue of the new team and it seems as if Krul doesn’t fully have a handle on the characters yet. He spends some time on each, giving us inner thoughts and getting a feel for the characters, but it comes across as forced. It’s not natural to the flow of the story.

The entire story seems forced. It’s not bad, but something just seems off to it. It doesn’t feel like a continuation of the previous run, and it doesn’t come across as a brand new #1 either. It falls somewhere in between.

There’s a general lack of excitement. Nothing in the issue really grabbed my attention. Batman forcing Damian on the team, at least thats how it appears, could be interesting. Cassie (Wonder Girl) thinking of the team less like a training group for new heroes and more of a front line group of warriors seems interesting. Her reasoning for inviting Ravager to the team seems forced, even with her thinking of the team as front liners and not trainers. Same with the reasoning for talking about breaking up with Superboy.

It comes across as forced to get the writer the set up that he wants. Instead of playing with the pieces he was left with, it seems Krul is just erasing the parts he doesn’t like and starting over without letting them run it’s course or changing the course to what he wants over a span of issues.

It’s where the feel, of the title being stuck in between a first issue and a continuation of previous works, comes from. I’m normally against canceling a series and starting over with a new #1 when a new creative team takes over, but this title (as it’s written) definately would have benefited from that approach.

Nicola Scotts pencils are crisp, clean and detailed. I like, and don’t like, the more bestial appearance she gives to Beast Boy’s natural state. I like the ears, eyebrows and shape of his face. I don’t like the one little tooth that is always sticking up. I like how she draws the rest of the cast except for Cassie. Wonder Girl’s basic features change throughout the issue. She generally remains the same, but there’s differences here and there.

Scott’s layouts work very well. She has some good page designs in a couple of spots.

Her work isn’t flashy, but it is good. She spends alot of time on the eyes, drawing some of the most realistic eyes I’ve seen.

Teen Titans #88 receives
3 out of 5

The entire issue just lacks excitement.

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