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Star Wars Q and A: The Answers
Published on Thursday, October 28, 2010 by

The Pryde recieved our Answers back from the Star Wars team. Check out what was asked, and what was answered:

1) With the sellout of the Star Wars figure stands on are there any plans to produce more? There are a lot of names missing from the sticker sheet (how can we not have a Tie Pilot yet?) Any chance of seeing a super sheet available with every figure name since the original vintage figures forward (would only need one name per sheet, either in the box or as a separate purchasable item, no duplicate names needed we can pick up multiple sheets if we need more). This would be a great way to cover all of the figures out there. Additionally, any chance of adding in CW stands maybe as a separate pack or increasing the existing pack size (50 maybe with 8 for CW and 2 more for EU?) . More EU stands are really needed since only 2 are currently packed in.

The battle stands did indeed sell through. There are no plans to offer them again at this point; they actually took a lot longer to move through than we had anticipated (the shop carried the batch for a few years). We will get together with the Hasbro Toy Shop team to see if they want to invest in more inventory, and if they do, look to freshen things up.

2) With the positive fan reaction to the vintage packaging (we all love them!!!), will this trend continue on past the two year mark? It would be cool to get all 92 of the vintage re-released. I know we cannot ask about specific figures but…..can you give us a hint about the possibility of a POTF Yakface or Amanaman?

Right now, assuming fans continue showing enthusiasm, it looks good for continuation of Vintage past the 2 year mark and through ’12, giving the line a 2-1/2 year run. Beyond that, we don’t want to speculate, but when we start planning ’13 about a year from now we will decide then whether Vintage should continue. If it does, we will continue to make progress against the 92 original Kenner figures, and Amanaman and Yak Face both deserve to get updated. In fact, with the great Amanin alien we have from the Wal-Mart Comic Packs, we are most of the way there already to having a worthy Vintage figure.

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