The GeeksverseFlashback: Superpatriot #1

Flashback: Superpatriot #1
Published on Friday, October 29, 2010 by

SuperPatriot #1, July 1993 (SuperPatriot & Covenant of the Sword)

Eirk Larsen Creator/Scripter
Keith Giffen Plotter/Storyteller
Dave Johnson Penciller/Inker
Chris Eliopoulos Letterer
Lovern Kindzierski Colorist
Digital Chameleon Color Seperation
Jannie Wong Editor

Issue opens with special services cops investigating a bizarre crime scene. Second-third splash page reveals the scope of the oddity of burning people on crosses. After a calling card cape of the Covenant of the Sword and a little more special services cop dialogue the story jumps to the Pentagon. Rather under the Pentagon in a sub-basement high tech lab underneath.

Shaft from Youngblood is in the lab checking up special projects, including the reprogramming of Super Patriot. Super Patriot is introduced hanging from lab equipment. The faceless hero is already cybonetic at this point. Shaft may be disgusted by the programming, but the government feels this is the best way to hone their weapon against the Covenant of the Sword.

A supped up Patriot leaps into action. Savage Dragon comes in and breaks Super Patriot, which reveals the virtual reality programming scenario and its limits. Despite the violence and tzakka tzakka tzakka Super Patriot is still a hero within. He cannot fight his friends.

Super Patriot’s story comes from the background of Savage Dragon. Patriot is an older hero, from the generation of Mighty Man, that has already underwent trials and tribulations. Patriot has been torn apart and put together again. This mini series provides some insight into what is left of the man behind the star spangled mask and goggles.

Erik Larsen recycled the look of Super Patriot from a pitch to Marvel that he and Fabian Nicieza had tried. I’m glad that the Marvel pitch failed, and that Larsen was able to take control and guide this character throughout the Image Universe as he pops up in Savage Dragon, Invincible and beyond.

From beginning to advertisements this is a fun issue. It is available in trade if you don’t want to track down the 1993 serial adventures of Super Patriot #1!

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