The GeeksverseSavage Dragon: Dragon War TPB and beyond (#157-162-165)

Savage Dragon: Dragon War TPB and beyond (#157-162-165)
Published on Sunday, October 31, 2010 by

One of Erik Larsen’s most well known creations, Savage Dragon, also holds his most underrated creation: a continual continuity. The past 150+ issues are existing in the same time line. For the most part the dead stays dead. That means that bold new directions stay bold new directions. Changes matter in this green man’s tale.

Many comics are pitched with the phrase “bold new direction.” In this case, Dragon war is truly a savage new direction for the Dragon. For the past 100 issues, Larsen has created a memorable character which is full of funny pages and fist flying action rolled into a superhero book. Even casual comic readers know Chicago’s fin head from the comics and tv show, and know that Dragon is the hero. That is, Dragon is the hero until the events of Dragon War which collects issues #157-162.

Dragon truly becomes savage, becoming the villain of the story, by regaining his memories. Kurr rising in a bloody path to distance himself from the life that Dragon has built in the past 150 issues and kick off the next arc: an attempt at world domination.

Savage Dragon #163-165 continue the savage downfall of the hero in an Emperor Dragon arc. Dragon Kurr vanquishes Vanguard and slams Superpatriot.

If you’re a die hard fan of Dragon, can you accept him becoming the villain? Is there anyway that Larsen can bring back the Dragon fans know? Or are fans fans because they want Larsen to take them in various directions? What does a new direction mean for long time Dragon fans?

Discuss the new direction on the Pryde forum.

If you’ve not read Dragon in a while, then grab Dragon War and then prepare to snag the next issues to see what Larsen brings fin fans next.

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