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Ask Matty, The Answers for 11-1-10
Published on Monday, November 1, 2010 by

The Answers have come in from Mattel Check out what they had to say

1) Before the 200x figures came out, Mattel did some commerative figures from the original MOTU line. Any chance of seeing some of these re-released again sometime?

No. We have no plans right now for a commemorative reissue of vintage figures as we did with the 20th.

2) Are there plans to do the “Real” Ghostbusters as action figures other then in the Retro Action line?

Not in the immediate future. We’ll have to see how the movie-style 6-inch and Retro animated figures do in the coming months before branching out to more options and styles.

3) There are some characters in the New Adventures line that had two versions, for example Flipshot (original and missle Armor version)or Hydron (Original and Spin Fist). If/When they are made, would those characters combine elements from both versions or would you do the original version first with a possible variant later on?

Likely we would do the original version first and look at the second version as a refresh down the line.

4) Has there been any discussion about adding some smaller scale figures as pack ins with the DCUC figures such as the Atom and Dex-Star?

We actually just announced that Dex-Starr will be part of a Green Lantern mini-animal three-pack in GL Classics wave 2!

5) I understand you are able to make certain wrestlers who are working for WWE’s competition, but what are you limits to using their likeness and How would the folks in Stamford feel about having a Legends wave full of current TNA contracted wrestlers? Would it be regarded as competing with or promoting the competition?

In general, any wrestler who currently appears in TNA is under contract with TNA and therefore inaccessible for us to use as Legends. In our regular series, there have been a couple of cases where a figure has been developed while a Superstar is under contract with WWE, but that wrestler then moves to a competitor. Those figures are “grandfathered in” to our line if they were already far along in development, but we will never begin work on a figure if the talent is under contract to a competitor.

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