The GeeksverseRP Comics: Jackhammer #1 (of 4)

RP Comics: Jackhammer #1 (of 4)
Published on Monday, November 1, 2010 by

Creator/Writer: Brandon Barrows
Artist/Character Designs/Cover: Ionic
Letterer/Text Layouts/Logo: Brant W. Fowler

A former superhero is now an investigator. Kack McGriskin keeps finding that he can leave behind the flashy superherodom of being Jackhammer, but not the life of heroics. In the first issue of the “Political Science” storyline former-spandex hero is hired to find a missing executive only to find a bizarre corpse. The client company wants Jackhammer to back off. That only makes McGriskin the ex-Jackhammer more determined to find the secret.

The story takes place in South Boston, MA. The comic opens following a pair of partiers that I was fed up with before they died, which is good since they were only the bodies for the mystery to introduce the main characters.

Jack McGriskin is introduced as a private detective, officially licensed, at the scene of the murder. After his initial interaction a flash back in near sepia tones reveal his past exploits as a hero.

This is a nice set up to the mini-series. The characters are introduced mid-situation as they are needed. Overall it is a nice issue.

Personally, I felt that the flashback was a bit long somehow despite it only being two pages. It felt like a lot of information fast even as it succinctly recaps McGriskin’s career. It could have been separated out instead of being one continual recap because the two page recap felt forcibly cinematic. Perhaps it was the particular flash back tones used that seperated the two pages from the rest of the story.

The exposition in general was good. It suited my taste as a fan of Robert Kirkman’s long winded Walking Dead exposition,the exposition was well aimed and nicely paced.

In general the layouts were functional and dynamic. The comic layout was easy to read. The pages broke down well.

I don’t want to spoil any part of the story, so I’ll refrain from mentioning specifics about the story. I will admit that the post-superhero-dom is an interesting angle. This is what could have happened to the Incredibles characters instead of their being headed back into the tights. This is the type of story that could have been possible if Marvel’s Civil War had made long lasting changes instead of just rebooting the Marvel Universe. This is an enjoyable read committed to a nice premise. It feels fresh and new. I’d recommend it to readers that are at times fed up with so much super-hero reading on the comic shop shelves.

In the post-word the author commented on how he created the character. He said a voice in the back of his head introduced itself in a noir tough guy detective manner, and that he listened to the story unfold. I’m glad he did.

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