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Avengers Academy #6
Published on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Christos Gage
Penciled by: Mike McKone
Inked by: Dave Meikis, Rebecca Buchman, Andrew Hennessy, Rick Ketchum
Colored by: Jeromy Cox
Lettered by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Assit. Editor: Rachel Pinnelas
Editor: Bill Rosemann

This issue the spotlight, and point of view, shifts to Reptil. We see, through a one page flashback, that Reptil has always wanted to be a super hero and an Avenger. He’s now getting his wish, but not the way he wanted.

Reptil is naive and innocent, and it shows in his narration. It shows in his reaction to his relationship with Finesse, how he deals with Mettle and Hazmat. But there’s some strength to him, where the qualities of a leader start to emerge. He comes up with a good strategy for fighting Mentallo. He handles the media well, giving the spotlight to Striker, knowing that is what Striker wants. He tries to help Mettle and Hazmat. And he follows his suspicions about Finesse and Quicksilver.

His reaction to that event seems out of character. He knows that the Avengers think this group coudl turn out to be dangerous villians. He knows about kids and the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Knowing all that, why does he hide what he knows from the teachers at Avengers Academy? Why doesn’t he say something to Finesse.

He’s been elected the leader, and he’s trying to step up, but the first major test and he doesn’t do anything.

It could be his self-doubts coming out, but it comes across more as he doesn’t want to get his peers angry with him.

The way Gage has been doing this series so far, each issue focusing on just one member, and we see what the others are doing through that members eyes, is an interesting way of doing it. But it’s also limiting. What are Striker and Veil up to when Reptil is not around? What do the teachers talk about. Quicksilver and Finesse’s private lessons are progessing, and from their talk we gather that it’s “helping” both of them, but we haven’t seen any of those lessons. We haven’t seen how Quicksilver’s attitude towards Magneto has changed.

So the revelation comes out of the blue and seems to be out of character because we haven’t seen the conversations that have led up to that moment.

There’s a lot of story that hasn’t been told. I also wonder how long Gage can keep this technique up. We’re at the end of the students and there are 4 teachers that can be done, but after that? Back to the students?

McKone’s art is exellant. He manages to give Mettle expressions, which is difficult. I love McKone’s Tigra. I was never a big fan when I first saw his work, but it’s grown on me over time and he’s one of the best. My one complaint is that I would never have known it was Jessica Jones at the end if the caption didn’t identify her. Looks nothing like Jessica Jones.

Avengers Academy #6 receives
3.5 out of 5

Good book to read and excellant characters, but there’s so much of the story we’re missing because of the storytelling technique.

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