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Superboy #1
Published on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Pier Gallo
Colored by: Jamie Grant
Lettered by: John J. Hill
Asst. Editor: Wil Moss
Editor: Matt Idelson
Cover: A – Rafael Albuquerque; B- John Cassaday w/ Andre Szymanowicz

A good beginning for the solo adventures of Superboy, Connor Kent. It has an odd start though, with the Phantom Stranger appearing out of nowhere and with no warning to tell Superboy that Smallville is in danger.

That intro seemed odd, like it was forced in to give the story a beginning, instead of just letting the opening story develop naturally.

Lemire writes a decent Superboy. There’s a couple spots where it’s obvious that Lemire is new to the character. I haven’t read Superboy since his first series and unless something has changed, his tactile telekinesis only works on things he’s touching, hence the ‘tactile’ part. So he shouldn’t have been able to stop Parasite the way he did. And I’m not quite sure how it worked anyways. Doesn’t seem like it would have knocked Parasite out cold.

The exchange between Connor Kent and Lori Luthor, Lex Luthor’s neice, was good. Lemire and Gallo did a good job of showing Kent’s discomfort and Luthor’s sadness and hurt. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

The story, except for the Phantom Stranger part, was decent and a good starting point for the series with a cliffhanger of an ending that feels natural to the story but is a bit shocking considering who appears. It still feels like the Phantom Stranger just appeared to give a reason for Kent to have the conversation he had with Ma Kent about being a danger to Smallville.

That sequance is a mess though. Not the script, as that works, but the layouts. It moves in a clockwise motion around the center of the page, moving contrary to normal comic book convention. Why is it done this way? The rest of the book is pretty tradtional layouts, but this one page is not. It doesn’t flow smoothly and you have to stop and figure out how to read it as the text captions move clockwise as well, so on the panel in the bottom corner, the bottom text caption is read first.

If there were more pages like this in the book it wouldn’t stand out as much, but the rest of the book is traditional. Instead of being an interesting device, it ends up being a negative.

Gallo’s art is clean and crisp. No extra linework, solid and well done. Except for Connor Kent himself. I don’t like the way Gallo draws Kent’s head. Something about it seems off. The rest of Gallos’ figures are excellant, but his Kent just seems off. And the glasses, how Gallos draws them on Connor’s head, are horrible. They look bad. Gallo needs to work on that.

The rest of his work is good though. Good layouts, except for the one page, and good flow. But there are problems when the main character doesn’t look good.

Superboy #1 receives
3 out of 5

Decent first issue, but nothing special.

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