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Hasbro Marvel Universe Q and A Answers for 11-4-10
Published on Thursday, November 4, 2010 by

Hasbro has sent us back the latest Answers regarding their Marvel Universe line! Read on to find out the answers.

1)Would you consider doing a Fan’s Choice revision case, where all the currently released figures would be put on a poll and the top 12 would make up the case?

Your choices thus far for revision case figures and regular case fillers have been very poor and are causing stores to overflow with figures that nobody is looking for (Iron Man, Spider-Man), while figures we have been very vocal about being hard to find (Jean Gray, Warpath, etc.) have yet to be redistributed.

A) The bad news – we probably wouldn’t do a fan’s choice for a particular case pack. The good news? We’re already bringing back the “hard to find” figures from the past 2 years of Marvel Universe. The last waves of 2010 and the first waves of 2011 will feature many of the hard to find figures and variants such as Warpath, Phasing Vision, Black Widow and Jean Grey, Bullseye and Daredevil.

2)Any news on playsets or vehicles? There’s a tremendous opportunity that’s being taken advantage of with SHS but not MU.

A) One of the great things about the 3 3/4 scale is the opportunity to do all of the most meaningful vehicles in the Marvel Universe…you can bet that we’re talking about it!

3) A few Months back an X-Men 5 Pack was leaked online that had A different Version of Storm and Thunderbird included. Any News on this set and when/where it would be available?

A) It’s actually a 6 pack and we just showed it for the 1st time at NYCC. It will be on shelves late spring / summer of 2011 and it will be an exclusive. However, we’re not announcing the retailer just yet.

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