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Science Dog #2 Announced
Published on Thursday, November 4, 2010 by

Robert Kirkman’s Invincible is a fan of Science Dog. Are you?

Science Dog was the project that Kirkman pitched to Image Comics as a creator owned project after Battle Pope. The pitch for Science Dog was rejected, but it helped pave the way for him to put together Invincible. As an inside joke, the teenage hero Invincible read the comic Science Dog and even had a Science Dog poster on his dorm room wall. At issue 25 Kirkman and company put together a Science Dog back up story which was continued with part two in the back of issue 50. Those two parts were collected in the plain covered Science Dog #1 giving Invincible fans a chance to truly read the comic that Mark Grayson, Invincible, loves so much.

Issue 75 had the third part of the time hopping Science Dog back up. The letters column announced that Science Dog fans do not have to wait until issue 100 to finish the fourth installment in the story arc. Science Dog #2 will come out in Feb 2011 collecting parts 3 and 4 of the story to finish up the story arc. The letter page to Invincible #75 also teased that this would not be the last of Science Dog.

A #3? More frequent back up stories? It didn’t say. It just said that this would not be the end of Science Dog. Kirkmaniacs have been getting an 8 part back up Tech Jacket story in the backs of the recent Invincible comics to help fill in the gap between his last appearance and his recent action in the ongoing V-War. So more back up stories written by Kirkman and drawn by Walker could be in the works…

The expected crew for #2:
Written by: Robert Kirkman
Pencils & Inks by: Cory Walker
Colors by: Fco Plascencia
Letters by: Rus Wooton
Editor: Sina Grace

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