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Invincible #75
Published on Friday, November 5, 2010 by

Robert Kirkman writer
Ryan Ottley Penciler, Inker pages
Cliff Rathburn Inker
FCO Plascencia colorist
Rus Wooton Letter
Shela Saldana and Ivan Plascencia color assistants

The land mark Invincible issue finally came out, late, but large.

Issue 75 is the collation taking the fight to the Viltrumite homeworld, which is ringed with dead bodies like the rings of Saturn. It is an eerie place for a space fight. I’m not a fan of space fights in general, but this one is decent. Major characters on both sides wind up bloody and a few look to be in dire situations at the end of the book.

Invincible becomes a destroyer of worlds in this issue which is interesting.

Again the art looks good.

It’s a fun story. I’m not quite sure if it would be worth 5.99, but luckily it did include Tech Jacket and Science Dog back ups which were nice.

I was disappointed in the Tech Jacket art. It didn’t look like Tech Jacket from the bygone series. Perhaps it is because Zack has aged and grown from the young boy that originally received the alien armor. It was a tale happening in space. Some alien menace was terrorizing a ship. I am not sure if it happens before or after the V-war. My theory is it is a peek at where Tech has been since he last appeared in Invincible as a guest character. #74 has chapter 4 (of Cool and #75 has chapter 5 (of Cool. It is good enough to make me want to pick up some back issues and find the first three parts of the story even if I didn’t fall in love with the art.

Science Dog Back Up Story:
Robert Kirkman writer
Cory Walker writer
Cory Walker Penciler, inker
Dave Stewart colorist
Rus Wooton letter

Science Dog continues his adventures from Invincible #25 and #50 (now collected in Science Dog Special #1). It is part of the time hopping sci-fi story. It has the same problem with rushing that Troynos noted in the other installments. It is still a fun character. Hope to see him again in the future.

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