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Top Cow & NBC: Rest in Development
Published on Friday, November 5, 2010 by

Official Press StatementHey there Herders! You know and I know that Hollywood has been waaaay slow to catching on to the whole concept that comic books are where all of the best and most commercially viable concepts come from today. So while some poor executive is probably pitching *shudders* The Graduate 2 in a conference room a few blocks away and more than twenty stories above the humble Century City, CA Top Cow offices (we’re on the third floor, right at the heat of the smog), we’re nose-to-the-grindstone away and creating the next hot thing. If you know a poor sap in the mail room at CAA or MGM or any of the other supposedly relevant acronyms, give them a heads up to keep an eye on the Cow. They’ll be begging for the rights to produce the sequels to our upcoming books.

Case in point? Rest. Milo Ventimiglia (yes, that Milo Ventimiglia) and Russ Cundiff of DiVide Pictures have created something great with us. I could tell you more, if I thought you wanted to be like all of those other Hollywood suits who only know how to jump on bandwagons. But I know better. I know you’ve eagerly been waiting for the trade paperback to hit stores (happens Wednesday the 10th) and lamented that the Rest hard cover was only available for a brief moment at New York Comic Con last month. Forget the suits and read close (because I’m lowering my voice), between you and me, we just offered the Rest hardcover on theTopCowStore online! Check it out.

Since I know y’all reading Top Cow already know how good Rest is and how clearly it would successfully translate to television, I’ll go ahead and be redundant. NBC (being a network ahead of the curve) is already developing Rest for TV. Deadline Hollywood just announced it. Go ahead to verify it for yourself. You already knew it would happen.

For those of you who need to crib off of this article for your own sites and blogs, Rest centers on John Barret, a normal twentysomething guy in New York City who spends every waking hour working. He enrolls in a testing program for a drug that eliminates the need for sleep and soon becomes addicted to it, which helps him accomplish more but leads to serious consequences.

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