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Chaos War #3 – We Read It So You Don’t Have To
Published on Sunday, November 7, 2010 by

The Pryde Reads It So You Don’t Have To and has a synopsis of Chaos War #3.

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Penciled by: Khoi Pham
Inked by: Thomas Palmer
Colored by: Sunny Gho
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Asst. Editor: Jordan D. White
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover by: McGuinness & Hollowell

This issue opens with Balder the Brave trying to get the rules of the other pantheon of Gods to join the fight with Hercules and Thor against the Chaos King, who has raised Zeus, Hera and Ares from the dead. The godheads refuse and seal off the area they are in that has the portals to all their realms.

Hercules and his God Squad try to defeat Zeus and the others. Zeus pretty much single handedly takes out the God Squad, including Galactus. Zeus, Hera and Ares all tell Hercules that they are under the control of the Chaos King and that he has to fight back. It’s only after Zeus fells Galactus that Hercules realizes what he must do.

He attacks Zeus, breaking Zeus, destroying the armor and apparently causing Zeus’ death.

Zeus, now back in his own mind, implores Hercules to contact the godheads, knowing that only their combined power will be enough to stop the Chaos King.

Hercules does so, using his new powers to open the sky to the meeting place of the godheads. Shocked they watch their hiding place revealed. Hera, Ares and Zeus all call Hercules a fool, and the Chaos King erupts out of Zeus’ body, shedding his chinease god appearance, and attacks the other realms of the gods.

One by one he takes them all over, incredibly quickly, growing stronger each time.

Amadeaus Cho runs the numbers in his head and realizes that there is no way they can survive and defeat the Chaos King.

The Chaos King attacks and seems to envelop the God Squad inside himself.

He says that only he can foil himself and a voice says that only Hercules and Amadeaus Cho are the ones he has to worry about. The voice is revealed to be Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who proclaims herself the Chaos King’s greatest servant.

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