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Homeless Comic’s Healed #1
Published on Sunday, November 7, 2010 by

Published by: Homeless Comics
Written by: George O’Connor
Illustrated by: S. Griffin
Editor: Tracy O’Connor

The basics of this book is that at 12:06 AM on August 22, 2011 the world was healed. There is no more disease, no more illness. This is the story of what happens next. There is no more natural death, for all intents the human race is now immortal.

I like the premise alot. It’s full of story potential and this first issue gives us three “episodes” of how different people deal with the world being healed.

The first is from the religious side. If there’s no death, there’s no entry into heaven. Suicide is out of the question and now a Priest is telling his congregation that they now have no choice but to wait for a violent death. Except that God would know if you were trying for a violent death.

The second shows from a business side as a drug company executive and her assistant come to the conclusion of what a disease-less world means to them and their company. The executive is being moved down, well the person in charge of the food development wing is being promoted. There’s no more need for drugs, but there will be a great need for food.

The third is extremely heartbreaking. We see the life of a sick child and her life support is pulled a minute before the world is healed. The child would have been healed if they had waited just a minute more.

All three episodes are well done. The conclusions during the first two are natural. You can really see people reacting like the characters do in the issue. The first episode, the start and the conclusion work well. There’s no jumps in plot or logic. It’s a shock ending, but it also isn’t, because the script leads in that direction.

The last episode contains no talking, it’s silent, but carries the most punch. Extremely heart breaking and something no one would ever want to be part of.

The premise is interesting and I want to see what else happens and how the world adapts.

The art is a bit stiff and some of the poses and movements are awkward. But the overall storytelling is strong. Especially in the third episode where it’s the background details (calenders and clocks on the wall for example) that are used to tell the passage of time.

The facial features are a bit stiff but the artist, Griffin, is able to get alot of emotion into the faces. Can really see the pain in the Priest’s eyes in the first episode.

Healed #1 receives
4 out of 5

Excellant premise, good and well written scenes with decent enough art makes for a good comic.

To buy Healed, visit the Homeless Comics webpage at the following link.

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