The GeeksverseAnt-Man & Wasp #1

Ant-Man & Wasp #1
Published on Saturday, November 13, 2010 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written and Penciled by: Tim Seeley
Inked by: Victor Olazaba
Colored by: Val Staples
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Editor: Jordan D. White
Supervising Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover by: Salva Espin & Guru eFX

Seeley does a nice little tale, capturing the essence of both characters, the new and the former Ant-Men. We get to see both in their elements and then both together. He does better with O’Grady then he does Pym.

In some parts you actually feel bad for O’Grady, who is trying to do the right thing, but he keeps stumbling. Hank’s attitude, which is understandable in a way, doesn’t help the situation and only helps keep O’Grady down. Seeley does good at the end with O’Grady’s reasoning for why he has to go along with Pym, as it cuts to the core of Pym’s own issues.

Also love the inclusion of a sleepwalker, one of the race from the old Sleepwalker comic. Thats really digging deep for an old concept. And thankfully the Black Fox’s odd method of talking was explained and in a way that made alot of sense. Nice little bit done by Seeley.

The plot itself is pretty basic and really serves no purpose other then to bring the two heroes together and force them to work together. That it connects to past storylines of Pyms helps make it stronger. What makes the team-up stronger is that there is an awkward connection between the two men and that both are on the road to redemption, just coming at it from different angles.

Seeley’s art is clean and crisp. It has a classic feel to it. The style wouldn’t be out of place in the comics of the 80s. His figures are detailed. I wouldn’t mind seeing him work on a Tigra series, he does a very good job with her. The page layouts flow pretty smoothly with the story. There are a couple of cheesecake shots but not that bad as overall the art does a good job and fits the story.

I do think Seeley needs to work on the Ant-Man costume a bit more as it just doesn’t look right.

Ant-Man & Wasp #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

A nice little team-up mini-series.

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