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Chew #15
Published on Saturday, November 13, 2010 by

If you had a prosthetic ear, would you let your family touch it? Tony Chu goes to Thanksgiving with his Chu family in an oversized anniversary holiday edition to help you survive time with your family.

This is how a special issue should be done: extra pages, extra story, extra characters, extra wide fold out cover, and the same $2.99!

The cover! The three panel fold out cover reportedly has every character in the Chew universe from fan favorite Poyo to the Russian strippers. Every character living and dead. Rob Guillory did a nice job on this cover. The cover alone is a fitting thank you to the fans that have helped sell out this comic issue after issue. Layman and Guillory seem to be putting together this entire series with the fans in mind, trying to keep this a fun ride for regular readers and new readers alike.

This issue is the fifth and final part of the Just Deserts story arc.

The story goes home with Tony Chu to his family celebration complete with a living room with more than a mouthful of Chu, from brother Chow Chu to distant cousin Charlie Chu (cameo inside joke). In a world where Chicken has been outlawed, what do you have for dinner, illegal bird! Amelia and Tony tentatively patch up their relationship as Tony’s fraternal twin reveals that she is being transferred to Gardner-Kvashennaya, which NASA is going to set up again (see cover for reminder).

This is a fast talking issue which seems to have more dialogue than the average issue of Chew. Layman’s lettering is consistent issue after issue, with a few fun twists of word bubble and size.

Mysterious endings and awkward family moments all included.

John Layman writing and lettering
Rob Guillory drawn and colored
Steve Struble color assists

As an added odd tie in Olive’s wardrobe was provided by This will help all your minor character cosplay wardrobe decisions. You can also get your Poyo shirt on the website for cross promotions sake.

So, if you had a fake ear would you let people touch it? Discuss that and anything else you want to chew on at the forum.

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