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Red Robin #17
Published on Saturday, November 13, 2010 by

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Fabian Nicieza
Penciled by: Marcus To
Inked by: Ray McCarthy
Colored by: Guy Major
Lettered by: Sal Cipriano
Cover: To w/ McCarthy & Brian Buccellato
Editor: Sean Ryan
Group Editor: Michael Marts

This issue serves as the wrap-up to the current storyline, “The Hit List”, which serves to define Tim Drake’s mission as Red Robin. He’s going to be more proactive then the others. With the return of Bruce Wayne and the formation of Batman Incorporated, Red Robin is doing the same thing but with his own agents.

One of those agents is Cassandra Cain and we see what she’s been up to since leaving her role as Batgirl and also sets it up for her to return someday.

The rest of the issue is about Red Robin dealing with his version of Catwoman, a woman called Lynx who may or may not be an undercover Hong Kong Police Officer. It sets up the potential for some interesting things as the attraction is there and it’s set up that they have to be foes for her to do what she says is her job. If it really is her job and she’s not just playing Red Robin. We don’t know which it is, neither does Tim, and thats what makes it potentially very interesting.

This is a very good title and well worth picking up. Nicieza gives a good voice to Tim Drake and his mission.

This issue also contains the first face to face meeting, that we as readers have seen, between Tim and Bruce and it’s nice to see both characters so some emotion with their hug. It drives home how different Tim is from Dick and Damian. Tim is probably the closest in personality and drive to Bruce and their similiarity shows in this scene. It’s a really well done scene.

I wasn’t a big fan of Marcus To’s art when he first got onto the book. But it’s growing on me. His style helps keep the title from being too grim, giving it a fun feel, that is counter to the harder tone of the stories. It keeps it from being a dark title.

He’s developed a good look for the Red Robin costume, which I originally could not stand.

To’s style is also good at showing just how young Tim Drake really is and how when he puts on the suit it’s more then just putting on a costume, he takes on the identity.

Red Robin #17 receives
4.5 out of 5

Really good read every month. Definately worth putting into the pull pile.

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