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Lobo: Highway to Hell #1 and 2
Published on Sunday, November 14, 2010 by

I liked Sam Keith’s whimsical art style on Maxx back in the 90s. He’s not a creator that I have followed religiously, but he is a name in the industry that I know. When I head he was working on Lobo I thought that sounded good. When the 2 part Highway To Hell hit the shelves I passed on it initially. Eventually, I picked it up. Sometimes I should trust my instincts.

What would get a bored main man back into action?

According to this collaboration between Scott Ian and Sam Kieth, killing space dolphins gets the bastich off the couch and back into a killing mood. Perhaps Ian Scott should have stayed with Anthrax instead of trying to take the heavy metal bounty hunter for a spin.

The story is overly simple. While some of the Lobo miniseries of the 90s were anything and everything except complex, this is even more trite than typical. In comparison to the campy regular Lobo series of the 90s (which had copious guest stars which included Judge Dredd characters making the time line implausible) this piece of Lobo is not as lethal.

Lobo should be a gritty comic, but this Keith styled art looks out of place on the last Czarnian. While muscular and Kiss fanatical from space is intact, the head shape and facial features just look sloppy throughout. The covers look better than the interiors and that is not saying much. I think it is funny when they show the booted feet of Lobo similar to the nearly trapezoidal shaped feet of Maxx. Lobo also has a penchant for arching over into a slouch that also seems reminiscent of Keith’s Maxx stance.

#2 is a continuation of the limited story with some odd scenes of hellish suffering which more whimsical than gnarly. The art is just as Keith styled which looks non-Lobo.

Overall, it’s a long road into hell with the main man facing Satan. Sounds good, but it falls flat. These comics make me want to say, What the frag?

These are hefty doses of Lobo at 64 pages apiece. Full color. Originally $6.99, but as it turns out they can be found cheaper. Leave your thoughts on the forum.

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