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Night of the Living Dead: New York #1
Published on Sunday, November 14, 2010 by

In 2008 Avatar put together Night of the Living Dead: New York #1. I just picked up one of 500 with the gold foil statue of liberty cover, bagged, complete with certificate of authenticity. The cover was cool. The interior art looks nice overall.

The comic opens with tourists in NY nearly being ran down by a movie exec that doesn’t care. He’s in the back of the car getting a blow job from a hooker. While he’s being driven he rants about the next wave of movies: Zombies. His driver thinks Zombie movies are overdone, but the exec likens it to war picks during WWII or 50s nuclear scare anti-communist films. The rant is funny, especially considering that it is within a zombie comic.

A traffic accident in a tunnel to Jersey results in a zombie feeding ground.

The flesheaters are drawn as well as Tony Moore’s Walking Dead zombies. These are full color zombies complete with splatterings of blood and guts.

The zombies apparently are coming in from Jersey to infiltrate the city. The cast of “survivors” that the comic appears to be following look forcibly multicultural. The distinct outfits make them easier to tell apart as the zombie horde swarms. Although they look like the cast of The Warriors. A moment of confusion leaves a band of New Yorkers and tourists trapped in a restaurant. From there you can just about guess what happens next in a zombie comic book.

John Russo and Mike Wolfer story and Script
Fabio Jansen art
Digikore Studios color
Mike Wolfer regular, wraparound, gore, convention covers
Jermy Rock rotting cover
Dheeraj Verma desperation cover
Matt Busch painted cover
William Christensen editor-in-chief

This is a good looking well executed comic. I’m a fan of the Walking Dead by Kirkman and company, because it spends more time on the social aspects of survival than the zombie infestation. Night of the Living Dead: New York #1 is more traditional zombie fare than psychological inquiry. It is based on the 1968 movie of the same name.

Most of the reviews panned this comic, which is nearly understandable. It is not as bad as some comic reviews make it out to be, however it might be close. In the flood of zombie related comic properties this one will most likely be forgotten in time. Zombie fanatics may seek this one out. Casual zombie readers may enjoy it for the moments that the over sized comic lasts and then forget about it. It isn’t the worst zombie cover ever sold. It just isn’t terribly memorable, which is a shame because it delivers consistent and solid zombie art that is well colored even without a script that will change the world.

Just as this should not be confused with Romero’s zombie movie turned comic (which also popped up about the same time) or Kirkman’s comic turned TV show, this is a finely executed zombie project with the limitations expected therein.

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