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Ask Matty for 11/15/2010
Published on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 by

The Answers are back from Mattel! What was asked? well read on to find out!

With MOTUC Army Builder 2-Packs coming out, has there been talks about doing army builder packs of DCUC figures as an online or store exclusive? Parademons and Hawk People would be AWESOME!.

We have looked into this but do not have any plans right now to announce.

With two new licenses made this year in Voltron and Back to the Future what, if anything, can you tell us about the future of these lines (retail vs. online only, characters, eras…)? If nothing, when can we expect to hear any news regarding these two exciting future lines?

Likely, we will be able to share this info with fans at SDCC 2011. But product will not be out until the earliest 2012.

Are there any plans to make smaller WWE figures, like Jakks had with the Build and Brawl line?

Yes, we have some big (small) plans for a line like this. Stay tuned!

Many people who purchased Roboto last month received a package with “The Original” starburst, while some did not. Also, one of the early leaked photos of Buzz-Off has the same starburst. Is there any story behind this, or was this just a mistake too late to catch?

It was a vendor mistake which we are trying to correct. If you received an incorrect “2nd run” version please contact customer service for a replacement!

We realize you can’t reveal too much about the vehicle to be released next fall. It was stated that the Battle Ram was not necessarily going to be the first vehicle, so has the first vehicle been decided on yet? If so, is there a hint you can give us?

It is actually still in the air. We are reviewing costs and features. We hope to have this to announce at SDCC 2011.

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