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Mademoiselle Marie #1
Published on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 by

Mademoiselle Marie is a character with a long history, although knowing none of that is required to enjoy this comic book.

The character first appeared in Star Spangled War Stories in 1959 as a DC Comics character. the original Mademoiselle Marie was a French farm girl who joined the French Resistance during the comics WWII wearing a red beret. She is the only love interest of Sgt. Rock. Marie had a daughter, Julia Remarque, with Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred was an intelligence agent in France during WWII before becoming the BatButler. Apparently at some point the comic was retconned so that Alfred had never met the beret wearing French Resistance character. Further changes were issued when Mademoiselle Marie became a code name that was issued to several women throughout the war. Fun trivia fodder, but none of that is necessary to understand the one shot Mademoiselle “Vivre Libre ou Mourir!” on sale now from DC comics as part of the Star-Spangled War Stories.

The comic opens with a parachute drop into a dark woods. The trooper drops the chute and otufit to reveal “Marie–a special operations executive at your service.” She has become accustomed to time in London, but is now joining a small band to stage an assault from Mont Mouchet. Marie argues with the resistance over what plan they are about to execute. As it turns it out the red beret wearing woman is not someone that you want to double cross.

This is a fun roller coaster of French Resistance. WWII has always inspired great spy and resistance tales. This is just another in a long line. While it does not change the genre or reinvent any notable characters but instead is a fine story well crafted to be suspenseful.

The background resistance characters are diversified in design even when they are not well developed. The action is well laid out. This is a good looking, well told story.

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