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Werewolves on the Moon versus Vampires #1
Published on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 by

If you missed this 2009 mini series, then you can check out the full first issue on line from Dark Horse Comics.

In case you’re wondering what the comic holds as you decide if you want to give the free preview a peek:

This sample of the interior is absolutely par for course.

The art is rough and shoddy. Overall the layout is uninspired. Except for one slow motion sequence in the first issue, I couldn’t find much to nod at approvingly. Some comics make you wonder why we’re all not making our own comics. A large company put this out? People were paid?

I do like the differentiation in the wolf folk. I do like the shape of the space craft. The idea of an archeology dig on the moon is novel.

Writer: Dave Land, Matt and Shawn Fillbach
Penciller: Matt and Shawn Fillbach
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Matt and Shawn Fillbach

This comic needed more people involved: a dedicated letterist, an artist, and perhaps a writer. Oddly enough this lineup worked on Star Wars: Clone Wars, Road Kill, and Maxwell Strange.

The story is simple enough. In some undisclosed future a settlement on the moon an archeology dig has hit oddities, and even odder it isn’t uncovering the werewolves or the vampires. Apparently the vampires have been roaming about on the moon for over two decades. The werewolves show up in a supply shuttle on a lark, turning the remainder of the crew and passengers into untrained werewolves on the flight to the moon. The story also has a tough female cop with her breasts poking out in front of her bad attitude. Simple story, but not necessarily a good one.

#1 has the wolves arrive and the first confrontation by the moon vampires. Besides establishing bad dialogue nothing else happens.
#2 does not improve the story. More weakly paced and drawn fight scenes. Some exposition to fill int he holes but it may be too little too late.
#3 wasn’t in the dollar bin with the other two and I didn’t seek it out.

Publication Date: June 03, 2009 Format: FC, 32 pages Price: $3.50

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