The GeeksverseG.I. Joe: Future Noir #1

G.I. Joe: Future Noir #1
Published on Thursday, November 18, 2010 by

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Andy Scmidt
Art by: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Lettered by: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Covers: Bevilacqua

This is definately not any G.I. Joe we’ve ever seen before. It barely resembles any Joe we’ve seen before. It’s got it’s own feel and vibe. Just the names are familiar and that it’s Joe versus Cobra.

But I kind of like it. I think.

It has it’s moments. Some are pretty funny and some are groan-worthy. Schmidt does a good job on the interplay and banter between the team members, giving them all their own unique personalities and roles in the unit. The scene when the Baroness is introduced and Scarlett has to slap some sense back into Duke is extremely well done. Funny with perfectly paced art.

Some of Roadblocks rhymes are groan inducing. Duke’s debriefing to Hawk with the actual mission done around his narration is a nice way to introduce this team. They’re certainly interesting just not sure they’re Joe.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Schmidt tackle a similar themed team in the future, just drop the Joe title and give it something new. He’s created a very interesting team and unit dynamic. The Future Noir Cobra is interesting as well, playing on some of the elements introduced in IDW’s G.I. Joe Cobra series. This just is too far from any Joe I know for me to accept it as Joe.

Which is fine because I’m perfectly capable of seperating it from G.I. Joe and thinking of it as something else so that I can enjoy it on its own. And viewed that way, it’s a fun little title. The team is fun and interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing the setting expanded on. I’d like to see more adventures of these characters. Just take out the Joe name and call ‘em something else.

The art is all over the place. Some panels are well done and others aren’t. Some panels look rushed and others don’t. The style certainly fits the tone of this book. Some panels flow very well and others don’t. It’s hard to get a grasp on the art.

The way he draws Roadblock’s mini-gun is certainly interesting.

His figures are decent enough, but here and there are some awkward poses and stances.

G.I. Joe Future Noir #1 receives
4 out of 5

It’s not Joe, but it’s still a fun read.

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