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X-Men #5
Published on Thursday, November 18, 2010 by

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Victor Gischler
Penciled by: Paco Medina
Inked by: Juan Vlasco
Colored by: Marte Gracia
Lettered by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Assistant Editor: Jake Thomas
Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Executive Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover: Adi Granov

Seriously? All that build-up and we get this? Really? All those vampires and they get beat down that easily?


I’ve seen some stories start big and end small but none like this.

How was Wolverine able to be turned? Cyclops planned on it so he had Dr. Nemesis turn off Logan’s healing factor so it would happen. Just so he could wait for the “right moment” and turn back on the healing factor and in a matter of seconds Logan is back?


All that build up and just a push of a button and everything is all right again?

How did Blade get included on the “tough skin” team? That was Husk? Thank god Colossus named her otherwise never would have known. So I take it, from the one panel, that Iceman was able to get converted to holy water? How was Warren able to maintain air superiority all by himself? And he’s not “tough skin”.

What was the point of Blade being here? We still have to wait for one more issue to find out what the big plan about resurecting Dracula was?


The only saving grace for this issue is Medina’s art. The rest of it is just bad. A waste of an issue.

X-Men #5 receives
1 out of 5

Curse of the Vampires has been a curse to the readers.

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