The GeeksverseArtifacts #3 (of 13)

Artifacts #3 (of 13)
Published on Friday, November 19, 2010 by

Top Cow’s Artifacts cross over is pulling the entire imprint universe together: Witchblade, Darkness, Angelus, Pandora’s Box, Sabine, Blood Sword, etc. The basic premise is that 13 artifacts of power are scattered around to maintain a balance, but bringing them all together would be bad. So part of the artifact bearers are teaming up to end the world. The other bearers are forced to come together to stop that from happening.

Artifacts works as a stand alone title because it works hard to recap characters, including the encyclopedia at the back of each issue.

#3 could be dubbed “putting the band back together.” Divisions are made and forces are mustered. The story is a bit slow but necessary to advance the rest of the 13 part limited series.

The art in this issue is interesting. It looks the way a Top Cow reader would expect, which is done by nearly all of the art talent in the Top Cow universe.

Pencils by Michael Broussard, Facundo Percio, Stjepan Sejic, Paolo Pantalena, Sheldon Mitchell, Nelson Blake II
Inks by Rick Basaldua, Joe Weems, Sal Regala
Colors by Sunny Cho
Letters by Troy Peteri

Aphrodite IV is gathering the world ending forces, which she does in a sequence of static layouts that last several pages. The static layouts allow three panels of conversation with various characters. The characters are drawn by their regular artist, so that Facundo Percio works on Broken Trinity characters, Stjepan Sjic works on Angelus characters, Paolo Pantalena works on Epoch, Sheldon Mitchell on Ember Stone, and Nelson Blake II on Ian’s clash with Finnegan.

So just for the record, Top Cow has found a way to pull all of their talent together in a story line which matters to their universe in a timely manner.

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